Wintertime Fantasy from the Desert

What’s it like to get snow every winter time? To have trees covered in a sheet and the walks all slippery and wet?

What’s it like to brush snow off the car, the mailbox, the porch railing? What’s fresh snow like? Can you sweep it off the porch?

What’s it like to have to watch the streets when it snows? Is it scary driving through snow? Do you see snow scrappers all the time? Is it harder to park? Do you trip over the curbs sometimes when there’s fresh snow?

What’s it like to skiing? To sled on weekends? To make snowmen in the front yard?

They say that Christmas without snow is no Christmas. But I don’t get snow for Christmas, so Christmas without snow is still…Christmas. But I still get a feeling that I’m missing out on something special that God made for Christmas time.


5 thoughts on “Wintertime Fantasy from the Desert

  1. It has snowed once were I live and it is funny for an hour but after than it was cold and wet. And then we lost electricity so I didn’t like it munch but I am bais since I don’t like really cold weather. 🙂

    1. Ahhh, there’s the other side I don’t hear often! XD

      I would not appreciate lost electricity. My laptop battery is only for about four hours!


  2. What is it like, other than pratical stiff? Like fear, like skidding, like accidents?

    It is like holiness dropping from the sky.
    It seems to fall on your soul not just the sidewalks.

    But, Jamie, think of it this way, perhaps. You’re probably in a climate more similar to that in which the First Christmas took place. Our beautiful Baby Boy was born in an arrid land, with hot days, cold nights. Though there is snow there, they say. So who has the true Christmas, eh? Probably everyone who worships God’s Son!

    Have fun during this wonderful week! Write, read, pray, fellowship, bake, laugh. They say we won’t have a white Christmas where I am this year. Polyanna says, sad but good for driving to family and friends’ plaves!

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