You Would Even Say It Glows

I grew up with this movie. It is one of the cutest stop-motion film ever made!! I’m looking forward to seeing it again this year!
First there’s Rudolph. Cutest thing on earth! ADORABLE! His funny little voice is so cute; and I’ve often felt like him because I’ve always felt out of place. I love seeing him grow up and how he comes back to face everything he ran away from.

Herbie the elf—another adorable little guy! He wants to be . . . a dentist! LOL I liked how he didn’t appear to fazed at all by Rudolph’s nose. Oh, and that head elf was rather intimidating, too. He screamed a lot.

Ahh, good ole Cornellius, hunting for gold and silver and silver and gold. I loved him and all his little dogs!

Sam the snowman was a great favorite, too. He was our wonderful narrator and ballad singer. He was voiced by the wonderful Burl Ives and I always loved how he wiggled through the snow!

And don’t forget the Abominable Snow Monster. He was scary but endearing by the end of it all. We have a running thing about him because my sister and I always called him ‘The Bumble’ and we named our huge white Chirstmas bear after him. Now every time we pull boxes from the attic, we always want The Bumble to come in first (He’s about a five foot bear and weighs around sixty pounds).

The film is endearing, sad and almost tear-jerking for me. It’s a special childhood-memory-comfort thing for me. It’s probably the only way I learned about the Santa/Rudolph fantasy thing.

“You’ll go down in history.”



8 thoughts on “You Would Even Say It Glows

  1. This is a movie I enjoyed in childhood as well–definitely one of those Christmas classics. It’s been around a long time, but still retains its charm, perhaps because it has an old-timey feel to it. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so glad I was able to help remind you! I’d nearly forgotten it myself, that’s why I blogged about it. So I would have it cataloged down! 🙂


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