Best of the Year

What do I consider the best of this year, things that I will remember? Will they compare to what lies ahead in the new year? We will see!

Oh, these are not movies that came out this year. These are movies that I saw for the first time this year. 🙂 Next year, they will not count.

Today I am doing all media; what I considered the best! 🙂

Captain America: The First Avenger: Best Action film, Period film, and Sci-Fi Film

My second biggest fandom. The Cap is my number two hero of all fiction.  Very clean, has great action scenes, awesome movie that blends 40’s, WWII, sci-fi and superheroes seamlessly.10/10

Best Animated Film

Amazing film with great looking dragons and setting. Hiccup is one of the most amazing boys ever. Toothless is AWESOME. Very great soundtrack! I greatly enjoyed this and I think I want to give it Best Animated film, even over all the Pixar films I watched this year. Yes. Be mad at me. I don’t care. 9/10

Best Film Overall: Star Wars Saga

BEST MOVIE SAGA EVER! This is my biggest fandom and will be for the rest of my life! The plot is amazing. The effects are groundbreaking. The characters are REAL! The music is spine chilling. There are amazing heroes and villains. This is the best saga ever. 1,000/10

Best Villain: Darth Vadar from 'Star Wars'
Second Best Villain: Loki from 'Thor'
Best Hero: Steve Rogers/Captain America = Captain America: The First Avenger
Runner Up as Best Hero: Luke Skywalker = Star Wars
Best Side-Kick: Chewbacca = Star Wars
Runner Up as Best Side-Kick: Bucky Barnes = Captain America: The First Avenger
Best Heroine: Princess Leia = Star Wars
Runner Up For Best Heroine: Peggy Carter = Captain America: The First Avenger
Best Love Interest: Jane Foster = Thor
Best Animal: Toothless = How To Train Your Dragon
Runner Up For Best Animal: Maximus = Tangled


Best Trailer: The Avengers


Best Commercial: Macy’s Black Friday Sale (starring Justin Bieber, who I do not care for, but this is still HILARIOUS.)

Star Wars: Five nominations

Captain America: Four nominations

HTTYD and Thor: split with two.

And good ole Maximus is the one character from Tangled to slide in as second best animal!

Ultimate Winner?

Nothing but Star Wars! The movie saga of the year! WOOOH! Go get yourself Episodes IV, V, and VI and watch these babies!


5 thoughts on “Best of the Year

  1. I will be some posts like this some about “Best movies of the year so far”. Since I have been a Cap and Thor fan for a long time my new Fandom is The Matrix. It is one obsessions/fandoms. 🙂 Great post.

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