Story Released!

You may note that there is a new page above: that is the page that will take you directly to my short story, ‘Who Stole Annie’s Rocks‘. I’ve been talking a lot about it and it’s sequel, so I thought I should just share it now if any of you are interested in reading it, it’s there. I have the official seal of approval from the co-star, Dylan (or Will) so I’m happy to finally publish it!

To my Legacy Friends: you might enjoy reading about Kayla and I, but there is a special reason why I think you would like reading this. I’ve given one member from Legacy a cameo appearance in the story! The person is under a different name (like everyone else) but I think from the descriptions I’ve given, you should be able to figure out who it is! Hudelson girls: I think you’ll get a kick out of who it is! No, I will not just tell you. If you want to find out, read it. 🙂

Here is the link or you can just scroll up and hit the button. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Story Released!

  1. Wow! You are an amazing writer to make such a small thing so interesting! I was glued in from beginning to end! You sound very professional and polished; I look forward to the sequel!

    1. Oh, thank you so much!!!!! I’m so glad it sucked you in; it means I did something right! Lol! And thank you about sounding polished; I wouldn’t know that because I’m baised and I’m not used to writing in ‘first person’, so thank you for telling me!

      Now I have three people waiting on the sequel! I will work hard on it; the deadline is Christmas Day (because that’s when I want to give to The Boys). So, you can help keep me accountable. 🙂

      You made my day, Nechet! Tomorrow maybe you can tell me your favorite part and character! 😀


  2. I like the story…. though if I wasn’t there myself I wouldn’t know that I was there.

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