First off: Darth Vadar is my favorite villain. Probably always will be. You just don’t get as epic as Darth Vadar.

That said, Loki God of Mischief is my next favorite villain! He’s not one of those big, muscular monsters that shake the ground when ever he takes a step. He doesn’t have this huge, scary voice that makes people tremble at the sound of it. So… what is he? A master magician.

This is a case of brain over brawn. In this imaginary world of Norse gods mixed with scifi, Loki is one of those powerful gods who ‘supposedly’ control the universe. Loki is the trickster. Instead of fighting with his dukes, he uses his mind to trick and hide in the shadows. As Thor says to his face, “You’re a talented liar, brother. Always have been.” Fast and oily, he’s the master of mischief and mayhem. All while keeping up the “good boy” persona with winning smiles and controlled personality. Great ingredients for a villain.

But to me, a writer and nut when it comes to character development, he’s more than just a tricky, handsome villain. He has some emotional depth that I really love.

You are prewarned–if you have any intention of seeing “Thor” do not read past this. I will ruin it for you. There, you are warned.

Frost Giants came and ruined Thor’s day of victory. It was to be his marvelous moment as he became king, but it was ruined by intruders. Thor is adamant to discover how the Frost Giants got in the realm of Asgard without coming through the gatekeeper.

He would later discover that the traitor of his family was his own brother, Loki.


“I wanted to ruin his big day.”

Loki was jealous. His father had always favored Thor and was giving him the throne. Loki, more than anything, wanted to be excepted by his father. But jealousy over took him.

But that was not the worst of it. He discovered that he was not what he thought he had been… a birth son of his father, Odin.

His father revealed to him that he was really a frost giant. He had been a small, deserted baby at the end of the last frost war and Odin had brought him home. Loki learned that it wasn’t simply out of love but that he was to be used as a tool.

Now, he could have easily excepted this and agreed to help bring peace between the two peoples. But his shock and bitterness overtook him; he believed that that was why Odin had always favored Thor, because he could never see the son of a frost giant sitting on Asgard’s throne. In his bitterness, he decided that his father just saw him as another demon, “A monster that parents tell their children about at night.” He believed he’d lost all value before his beloved father.

Loki was hurt badly and with his nature of mischief this only made it worst.

Now, to me, a writer who is always trying to make her characters more dimensional, more powerful, more interesting, I found this enthralling! Loki was not even Thor’s real brother, why, he was even a frost giant and he hadn’t even known it! I was thrilled with this twist in the plot. It looked so real and it was the last thing I had expected!

The emotion, the plot twist, the acting, the character strength really got me excited. I had gone into the film being afraid Thor would knock out the Cap as my favorite superhero. Turned out, I hardly noticed Thor because I was so interested in the black-haired, little brother.

I mean, look at that emotion, there! Ahh! What a tragic villain! The epicness! The power! The moment! Oh, yes! Why can’t I write like this??? Seriously, why can’t I write a character like this???

Loki is the kind of villain that I would like to capture on paper some day; a sort of Anakin Skywalker, but without being a complete whiner. Grief stricken, jealous, torn, hurt, bitter yet full of tricks still up his sleeve and able to act ‘the good boy’!

And than at the end he floated off into space and I was like, “Oh, no, he’s dead! I’ll never see him again!” And than Dylan tells me, “Watch past the credits, Loki’s at the end.” I nearly flipped out! He’s alive! And than I see the Avengers trailer. And there he is. THE MAIN VILLAIN! And I’m thinking, “Joy, joy, joy!”

Thor? Who’s Thor? Oh yeah, the loud, lion-like man. He was a jerk for the first half of the film; with the long blonde hair. Ehhh, yeah he was pretty cool by the end! Neat hammer.  . . . . Did anyone else see that we have a epic villain on our hands or am I all by myself here?


I’ll need to add a link so you can read Kayla’s post for an opposite view of Loki. 🙂 We really disagree about him (and Thor) but we think we know why.

Kayla prefers blonde hair— see Thor. I prefer black hair—see Loki.

This explains everything. Just so you know. 😀



7 thoughts on “Loki

  1. I don’t mind it that you like him as a bad guy. But you seem to like him better than Thor. I don’t like that!

  2. Nice post, Jamie. I liked the depth and twists of his character and position in the family too. A villain you love to hate. Mom

  3. Great post. Loki was a very complex and interesting character. I really didn’t think Loki being a Frost Giant was big plot twist when I first watched since I knew it was going to happen since I know his origin but I glad you and most who watched the movie thought it was one. 🙂

    1. Lol, no, I suppose you wouldn’t if you already knew! XD I didn’t know anything about it, like the Captain America movie, so all the surprises were actual surprises! LOL


  4. I agree with you Jamie; I like black hair batter than blonde, that’s why I think my dad is so handsome. 🙂 Loki is the kind of character that you feel sorry for, and always takes things wrongly so you just want to jump in the screen and tell him what is really going on.

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