In Six Months Time: How We Met ‘The Boys’

I wanted to write this to remember a turning point in my path this year; it is also some background on how we met The Boys and started attending our new church. I thought I should publish this before I release my short story as a setting to the conditions it is set it.  This might not seem big to anyone else, but I’ll at least be able to remember the twist in our life story.

Six months ago, my Mom needed to find a new church. And she found one; only twenty minutes from our house with the same mindset and beliefs of our last church; just not an hour’s drive away! It was Presbyterian, it met in a little church and it was small.  She visited several times; she liked the services and she liked the people. Everyone was very friendly, she said.

The last thing, however, that I wanted to do was leave Legacy, even for one Sunday. Legacy had been my church for almost six years, and I loved the people there (even if the sermons were rather long). There was no guarantee that I would like the new church or the new kids would decent (if you read my post All Alone, than you know much of my background when it comes to moving into new situations). We were invited to one of the family’s homes after church, so Mom said Kayla and I needed to come with her so we could start meeting some new people. It was one of the scariest moments of my life when she took me and my sister there for the first time.

We walked through the door, together. Everyone turned and looked at us, all sitting quietly. It was small, to be certain. A family with two teenage girls and two twin boys who looked exactly alike. A older couple in front of them and than there was the family that Mom had told us about the most.

The family with the two boys.

We got in our seats; I was so nervous. I made myself relax as the service began. It wasn’t half bad, though it was certainly very different. This was Presbyterian to a ‘t’, with times to stand and certain times to say The Lord’s Prayer or the Apostles Creed. This was different from the more relaxed, enthusiastic Baptist ‘pulpit pounding’ that I was accustomed to. The service went fast and the sermon was a decent length but I deeply missed (and still miss) the enthusiastic singing and harmony of Legacy’s members.

Once service was done, it was as though everyone in the room turned around and looked at us. Mom was greeted by the heads of the households and everyone seemed interested to finally meet us. Mom smiled and introduced us to the small group of people. “This is my oldest, Jamie, and my younger, Kayla.”

I consider myself an amateur actress, because I was able to put on a good front, including my wide smile which revealed the years of accomplished dental work on my straight line of teeth. I greeted everyone with a smile, and we began to personally meet everyone.

We met the two boys and their parents first. The oldest was Dylan. The younger was Daryck. I smiled at them, shook their hands and inwardly thought how funny it was that they shared the names of our two older cousins who live on the other side of the nation. They looked friendly and very decent. We were introduced to the rest of the church; the ladies were all friendly and smiled warmly at us, and part of my anxiety went away.

Mom got in conversation with someone and everyone else was visiting with their friends. Kayla and I stood nervously by the last row of chairs. The two boys turned and smiled at us. I have no idea how our conversation struck up, but within minutes we were talking about mountain climbing and Daryck was actually making me laugh with one of his stories. The story led to another story about diving and as the two boys talked I felt the rest of my nervousness leave me. These boys were more than decent; they were nice—and hilarious! I asked if they had any pets, and they started telling us about their dog and cats. We told them about our tortoises, our chickens and our cat.

After a little while, Mom told us it was time for us to leave for the other family’s house and Kayla and I rather reluctantly said goodby to The Boys.

I still remember my exact thoughts as I climbed into our car and slammed the door. “I think those boys are going to be pretty fun.”

I had no clue, however, how much fun they would actually be. How would I have known back then that those boys would actually have the same exact interests as us, the same likes and dislikes, the same appreciation for the same things…..that we would be so alike!

I wish someone had told me before I walked through that church door for the first time that they would be running around our backyard within a months playing Cops and Robbers and calling us Officer Penny and Scarlett Blood and treating us like best friends. I wish I had known we’d be calling them Officer Barker and Frankie Libbs and that we would see them as best friends.

I wish I had known.

It’s funny how I have always said no to things, and those very things turn out to be some of the best things that could ever happen to me. It’s very amazing what can happen in six months time.


8 thoughts on “In Six Months Time: How We Met ‘The Boys’

  1. I am glad we are going to Trinity. It is nice to have friends who aren’t scarred to be real! Or at least to have close friends at all! I personally don’t miss Legacy’s harmony *shudders*. The Boys are very decent and gentlemanly. It’s so nice! (Nechet if your reading this- PLEASE don’t get mad at me!!!!) :O

    1. Well IIIII miss Legacy’s harmony and I miss all the kids but Trinity is very nice.

      Amen about The Boys. The first boys I think I’ve actually met who’ve been gentlemenly to us outright.


    2. I am sooo mad, I have to hold my head on!!!!!! You are soo mean, I will make sure all the food is gone by the time you get to the bar tomorrow!

      I am just joking. Since the Joneses have left, there isn’t much harmony anyway.
      Besides, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 🙂

      1. Glad we’re bringing food ourselves…

        XD Aww, you and your sisters sound beautiful when you do harmony! And Gabe does harmony as well and that always sounds good. 🙂


      2. I’m sorry…. I just don’t really like it. Gee- for the pastors daughter your pretty mean yourself! Besides if you eat it all you’ll probably have to do EXTRA T-TAPP! I hope we can have a nice time talking tomorrow instead of trying to race to the food first….:P

  2. That’s a great story! They sound like neat people.

    I’ve had a similar experience. My school’s fall Shakespeare play, Twelfe Night, was done in a very unique style, Original Practice. It sounded scary and I was convinced that it just wasn’t for me. Then a girl in my theater class talked me into auditioning and I ended up getting a part. I’m so glad I ended up doing it! It was an incredible experience and I’m very happy that I took the chance.

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