Cap’s Costume

I love the Cap’s costume from his film; it’s patriotic without looking cheesy and, as Chris Evans said, “It does look like something you could wear in a war”.  I love the buckles all over it and all the padding; it looks sturdy and durable!

I’m not crazy about his costume hat, but he looks AWESOME in an army helmet!

Cap has a new costume for the new movie; and while I prefer his old one, I don’t mind it. I think it’s suppose to be closer to what he wears in the comics, and it’s not that bad.


Hurrah for Captain America!



3 thoughts on “Cap’s Costume

  1. I really like both WWII costumes. I like the new costume except for the helment. I hope it looks better in the movie than in the photos. Great post! 😀 Have you seen the old 60s cartoon opening theme song? It’s really corny but kind of funny. 😀 Here is the video


    1. I agree, and hopefully it will look better when we see Chris Evans moving around in it. 🙂

      Awww, that was actually really fun! Thanks for sharing it! 😀


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