The Avengers

This blog post is for myself, Kayla and James and Jacob. We are all waiting for the Avengers and I wanted to do a fun post dedicated to our heroes. :) So enjoy!


21 thoughts on “The Avengers

  1. Hey, I am looking forward to it too! (Doubt I will se it). What is with the Inception top in picture 3? I love the Avengorous Vocabulary one. And the 15th was hilarious! !9 and 23 were really good too. 8th from bottom is so funny! Why did they put the Incredible Hulk in there? He is so ugly! :) At least he could wear a shirt!

    • They’re including Incedible Hulk because he’s part of the Avenger team from the comics and they’ve made movies of him. I, too, wish he wore a shirt. :\ He’s green, though, so he looks more like a alien than a human.

      I love number fifteen; Thor’s face is hilarious! I really love the Loki ‘Fangirl’ one because it’s very true! There are a million girls out there in love with him and they would totally fight the good guys for him! XD So, I that one is one of my top favorites.


  2. I cab’t wait for the Avengers movie! My favorites are: The Loki fan-girl one, The “If you can read this….” one, and the Advengerous vocb. one.
    Thanks for posting!


  3. Epic post! I can’t wait to see The Avengers! I thought I was going to die laughing after reading the one were Cap is in the theater and the one that says “If you can read this Iron Man got drunk and fell off”. The Avengers is going to amazing! And all of the pictures are awesome!

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