Overdue SW Appreciation

My blog is very overdue for a Star Wars appreciation post. 😀 I had some pictures just sitting in my SW folder and decided to just use them.

First off, get a LOAD of the light sabers by the Disney castle! Is that not amazing or what?!

*GASPS* It’s Boba Fett, my personal enemy! I’ll get you yet!! XD  . . . Sorry, that was my “Han Solo Personality Complex” taking over….

I love the Wall-E cross-overs! I mean, look at him! He’s so cute in the Jedi Robe!  And Eve, of course, is perfect for the Star Wars universe!

LOL, I love that! “You can wait a couple minutes for me to text back!” I am so using this sometime.Ahhh, that is better to have a fill of SW pictures. I love this last one. The two driods! “Where would any of them be without us? Ah, you’re right, Artoo! They’d still be in the garbage compactor!” ~ C-3PO



7 thoughts on “Overdue SW Appreciation

      1. Me too! As weird at it may sound, I’m a huge fan of Star Wars weapons. Of course, Cad Bane’s LL-30’s are my favorite. 😉

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