Film Score Friday

This past week I saw Bolt for the second time (super awesome movie, by the way).  I paid closer attention to the music, and happily found a couple tracks I wanted to share for today! 🙂

Rescuing Penny: this track is pretty awesome! Very heroic yet full of peril at the same time!!!

I love this piece for some reason. When I first heard the soundtrack waaaay before I watched the movie, this was the first piece to actually catch my immediate attention.

Sing Along with Rhino. Okay, I included this because I just had to rant on this hamster for a moment. One; he’s hilarious. And two . . . . he encompasses everything a fangirl would want to do with their favorite film hero! The way he went into the hysterics after first meeting Bolt triggered something in me. I mean… isn’t that something we would all want to do but would be afraid to do? To just FREAK OUT without a care in the world about your fandom without worrying about what people think of you? Kayla and I, when we get super excited, will now have a ‘Rhino Moment’, where we’ll both just start screaming and jumping about without feeling silly! LOL

Okay. I saved the best for last! THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! IT’S SO EPIC! I actually wish Bolt was an actual TV show, because I would totally watch it. Because Bolt is pretty cool and Penny is one of the most adorable animated kids ever (besides Boo from Monsters Inc.)



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