Quick Announcement!

I just accidentally published a post that was being planned for January, and all who follow me got it in their email folders or dashboard. IGNORE IT PLEASE! I will publish it in January! No need to respond to this post either. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Quick Announcement!

  1. Bytheway, we just went to see War Horse, HSDLA sent free tickets to everyone in our area for it. They said that we were the first audience to view it because it was like a preview so there was security and metal detectors and stuff. 🙂 It was a very good movie, had a little bit of cheese but was very clean over all. It had Loki as one of the Captains in the army and he did a great job! It was directed by Spielberg and had music from John Williams. Would definitely recommend it!

      1. Your welcome. Mom liked it a lot so that tells you something. Of course the mother had to be feministic, but the cinematography was WONDERFUL! I think they filmed it in Scotland. One part I didn’t like though was when the main boy got a letter from the… never mind. Don’t want to spoil it!

It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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