Last Christmas I received my first set of makeup as one of my gifts. Lemme tell you; I felt pretty grown up actually being given makeup by my mom! She taught how to apply it and the basic ‘rules’ that she normally followed. I’ve slowly learned that a lot of what she told is really the best (surprise!). So, I thought I would share my standards on make up today.

I believe makeup can be one of the tools to either make you or break you, at least when it comes to the different people you meet; especially guys. Young men who would probably make the best husbands aren’t going to want to marry the girls who wear the masks made of a pound of concealer and blush (consider what that shows of their thoughts of beauty, ect).

How I wear my makeup can show other people where my heart is. Wearing tons of glitter on my eyelids and bright colors that stand way out? More or less, people will see me as one of those girls who want to attract attention. This doesn’t portray a heart of humbleness, even if I don’t realize it. Attracting attention to myself by what clothes I wear and what I put on my face certainly can show what’s in my heart, so what am I showing if I overdo my makeup and wearing immodest or flashy outfits? The good boys appreciate and are looking for good girls who’s godliness can be seen by their actions, which include their actions concerning outward appearence…so, what kind of make up do the good girls wear?

I want to share what I’ve learned and what my Mom has taught me. If you’re new to makeup or would just like hear how I roll, read on!

Go Natural: This is something my Mom really stressed. Because you don’t really want it to look like you ARE wearing make up! I use hues that match my skin tones; and I very rarely use colors other than reds or pinks. Sometimes I’ll use light, light hues of blue or green or whatever matches my outfit if it’s a special occasions, on my eyes. But on regular occasions and even for church, I keep it natural.

Try Putting on Less: I was at first nervous to go out to parties or just out shopping without some makeup on. Which… is pretty vain. But I never had enough time to put on a full face, even for parties. However, I did learn one thing; if you’re in a rush but you would still like to put some make up on, do your eyes! The eyes are the center of the face; the best part! So, I put makeup on my lids and under my brows, conceal any dark spots underneath, and will put on mascara (I always put on mascara because my eye lashes are so light). And that’s it! I still feel pretty without spending a lot of time at the mirror and I’ve naturally accented my eyes!

Smile: The prettiest thing you can put on your face is a smile; and sometimes I put on light lipstick or gloss to accent it! Your smile and eyes are what people will notice first, as well. What will they see? Hopefully, a discreet and happy young woman! They are among the prettiest, even without a bunch of make up!

So, these are what I normally aim for when applying my makeup! I hope this encourages you! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Makeup

  1. I like your views on make-up, mine are similar! I only wear a small amount to cover up blemishes.

    My mom said that I could start wearing make-up last year and I did not receive it well. None of my friends were wearing it so, I made me feel out of place. Now I feel better about wearing makeup because I realize it’s not too noticeable.

    By the way, your blog is snowing!! I love it! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you’ve gotten used to using makeup, I was a little uncomfortable with it for a few weeks but got over it very quickly!

      Lol, the snow is a feature of WordPress, I love it too!

      Thanks for the lovely comment!


  2. I have no choice reading how you roll, because when I get make up I will have to do this stuff too. I don’t mind, but I think I’d rather not bother with make up and all that.

      1. Jedi’s and X-Wing Pilots have no need for that kinda stuff, but maybe when I’m being Princess I will put a dab on.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful, Nechet! You’re very pretty as you are, but I’m looking forward to hearing about your first makeup experiences! 🙂

      Hugs, Jamie

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