Cops and Robbers

I’m trying to think of the last time I had as much fun as I did tonight… the only time that seems to compare was the last time our cousins came over… which was about three years ago. I don’t think I’ve had a day like that that compares.. until tonight. I mean, put four mature, teenage kids under nineteen in the backyard for the evening, and of course we’re going to blast the night!

Why can’t we have more nights like this?… wait, we just might, though!

Tonight, Kayla and I spent about 2 plus hours in the backyard with The Boys. We talked about Star Wars around the fire pit and dueled with our lightsabers for probably 45 minutes. We drank hot chocolate and ate marshmallows straight from the bag. But what we did the most was play Cops and Robbers. We talked like gangsters and ran about the backyard trading arrest warrants, shooting each other, bailing each other out of prison with leaf money and totally getting to play dead on the ground. We made two teams: Dylan and I against our younger siblings Kayla and Daryck—and Nathan, of course. We traded positions as cops and robbers, but we certainly had favorite roles.

Kayla and Daryck made two great bad guys. Daryck had the swagger and nasally voice down pat and Kayla went about saying, “Yo, man,” and cracking everyone up. She called herself Scarlet Blood and Daryck had a very long name of which I cannot remember. I called myself Deputy Penny Percivial and Dylan was Officer something Fredrick (or something like that). When the two of us were the robbers, he called himself Bad, Bad Billy and I became Quick-Shot Penny.

We had the best time. We had about 20 plus guns to choose from and we hid them all over the yard. Dylan and I were very merciful officers of the law, but Daryck and Kayla were brutal when it was there turn to oficers and we ended up having to bail each other out of jail! The object which we were suppose to steal from the law was the green lightsaber, so there was a lot of guarding that and hiding it in different places. We hid weapons behind the shed and old window screens and they hid some under the old pool and on top of sheds. Nathan was on The Older Siblings side, because we’re awesome. XD

Combine all this with our clean backyard, a glowing fire pit, an array of hats and weapons to choose from, and we had the ingrediants to a very delightful evening.

Like I said… I don’t think I’ve had this much fun for a long time. The Boys said they hadn’t had so much fun in a very long time, as well. The great news is that since we live only a mile and half away from each, maybe we’ll be able to get together more often.

We’ll totally be playing Cops and Robbers. Have you played it? Do it with your best friends sometime. It will make for a swell evening.


PS Dylan is going to read a short story I wrote about a fun get-together we had at their house once with all the church kids. If he likes it, I will publish it here for you all to read!

7 thoughts on “Cops and Robbers

    1. Yes, it is! And actually, I asked Daryck what he wanted his name to be. He didn’t even hesitate: Frankie. I’ve already changed the names around and he is now called Frankie in the story. 🙂

      Don’t ask me why, though… I would have preferred a different sort of name, myself. Lol.


      1. lol I would too – but then, it does have a kind of ring to it I suppose! :p

        I haven’t read much of it yet… I will soon though. 😀

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