Lazy, Christmas Thoughts

It’s been a very lazy Saturday. I’ve sat in the living room most of the day, working on a Christmas present and listening to stories. It will be dinner time soon, which I will probably have to help.

My purple chair is worn from being sat in all day. The Christmas tree is glowing from beside the window. Christmas music is playing up and I can hear Nathan laughing.

I have a large mess of cross-stitch excessories all over the couch which I will need to clean up tonight; along with my chair. We’re having The Boys and their parents over for dinner tomorrow after church so we’ll have to pick up the dinning table as well. We’ll have a splendid time, though, I’m sure.

The Christmas Party is coming up next week and Grandma will be in town by the twentieth. I have a wonderful sister who has filled up the space under the tree with presents for me. I have two presents for her but I haven’t wrapped them yet. I will probably put it off, and put it off for a couple more weeks.

Dark clouds are out the window. I hope we get some rain. We never get rain in our section of town. I miss rain; the dark clouds make it feel more like winter. If it rains, I will put on a coat and get my large umbrella and will run around in street. That would be fun.

I need to keep working on my craft now so I can get as much done before I need to put things away!


4 thoughts on “Lazy, Christmas Thoughts

  1. Ah! Yes! Such warm and fuzzy thoughts! Especially that part about presents for your nice sister!!!! YAAAYY!!

  2. Working on my Saturday post right now… Trying to find a word that rhymes with enjoy… Hmm… I may just have to change it…

    I’m glad you have Christmas gifts finished… I need to START mine!!!

    This is an odd comment… Good thing you already think I’m odd, right? It won’t change anything for you to get this comment…

    *rolls eyes* Better go! :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. Enjoy . . . . can’t think of anything! LOL

      You haven’t even started yours yet? Did you ever finish last years? XD

      We’re all odd, so that’s okay! LOL


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