To My Church Friends: Old and New

To the Old Friends:

Dear Moriah,

You are one of the most funnest people in my life. Your joy is so contagious. I’ve loved our hysteric giggling fits together.

Your twin in personality *wink*, Jamie

Dear Nechet,

You are an inspiration! To be only fourteen and to be mistaken for nineteen is so awesome; you are so mature for your age and that is really commendable! You’re such a fun girl to be with, too!

Your big sissy, Jamie

Dear Rebekah,

Thank you for all your accountability and friendship! Our emails are so fun and I love trading our book chapters back and forth! I hope we can both move on in our stories and keep sharing them!

Forever grateful for the friendship, Jamie

Dear Gabriel,

Write more epic music. Make them last longer, too. And thanks for sharing all those soundtracks with me. They were gratefully appreciated! I fully blame you and your sister for really getting me into movie scores and will be eternally grateful.

Your soundtrack loving friend, Jamie

Dear Ashely B,

You make the best pen pal anyone could ask for; I’m so happy that we actually kept in touch for so long! I’ve missed you so much, I hope we can see each other soon! Let’s please stay in touch forever.

From your soul sister, Jamie

To the New Friends:

Dear Lauren,

You’re pretty cool! It’s been nice getting to know you better! I’ve loved your smile and personality. It was so nice having you and your sister be there as the bridge to help us get acquainted with the H kids. I hope we keep being great friends!

A grateful ‘new kid’, Jamie

Dear Gabrielle,

You are a monster! You’re really cute, too! 😉

A fellow monster, Jamie

Dear Hannah,

It was wonderful getting to know you better Monday evening! I think we’ll be great friends! You also sing wonderfully! I hope we can see more of your Broadway versions! And thank you for teaching us the new dance!

Your new friend, Jamie

Dear Luke,

You are wild but hilarious, even though you scare me a little. But I think after another get-together I’ll be quite used to you. You’ve even surprised me in being innocent when we all thought you were guilty during the City Game: you are certainly on the road to being redeemed! And like I said, you make a great Bert—keep being a sport to preform with your sisters!

Your happily surprised Deputy, Jamie

Dear Daryck,

You’re too hilarious for words. And I still want to see those movies you made. The badminton murderer trailer really got my interest! Also, did you ever thank me for looking for that silly hairnet of yours (even though Dylan was really the one who found it)? 😛

Your hysterically-laughing friend, Jamie

Dear Dylan,

Thanks for being such a willing friend; you and brother are two of the most gentlemanly guys I’ve ever met. You’re pretty cool! So, I need to get you to a library so you can borrow some Agatha Christie mystery books. You would just DEVOUR them! I also want to see you start a book and stick with it. I think you could do it!!!!  Oh, and sometime I’m going to have you read the stories I wrote based after the City Game episodes. That game is so neat. Let’s do it every time the H family come into town, alright? It’s great fun being your deputy.

Your sister in Christ, Jamie

The Moral of the Story:

Dear Kayla,

We have some great friends but no matter how hard we try, they always seem to join our lives for a little bit and than they are gone and we hardly ever see them again. It hurts until the new friends prove to be just as friendly and even just as amazing and fun to be with. But sooner or later, they could be gone too. I just wanted to tell you that with all the friends that have gone through our lives, you’ve always been there. I just wanted to tell you that you’re my best friend. Friends come and go, but family is always there.

Your big sister, Jamie



7 thoughts on “To My Church Friends: Old and New

  1. Thanks Jamie! I’m so glad your my sister and I feel the same way about you too! I don’t mind saying it hurts to be betrayed but I know I’ll always have my big wookie sister to lean on. Thanks for the message.

  2. I’m so glad that we’re still friends, Jamie! I love our e-mails (even when I’m slow to respond!) and I enjoy the chapter trading too! 🙂

    Love and miss you!

It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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