Film Score Friday: Gabriel Hudelson

Today I wanted to share some music written by an actual friend of mine, Gabriel Hudelson. He’s a young entrepreneur who’s striking out to write original score for Christian filmmakers; with the object to bring glory to God.

Well. Gabe is really good at what he does! I love his more energetic pieces, which are simply epic! Like, really epic!!! Anyway, below are some of my favorites!!

I LOVE THIS PIECE! But… than I just love detectives. Anyway this piece is so awesome and amazing. I almost DIED when I first heard it and than I hit ‘repeat’ about five times in a row. I think I liked it a little extra because just this past Sunday I was playing ‘City’ with our new friends, and I was both a deputy and a detective! I had a client and case and everything. Did I find what I was looking for? No, and that is because my client couldn’t tell me anything of importance. Thankful, I had trusty Sheriff Dylan to lean on and he helped me. So. Anyway. That was a bad bunny trail! At least it had something to do with detectives! LOL

I really enjoyed this piece; I felt it had more of that detective/agents/suspense feel!!!!


And this one is another of my favorites!

And…that sums it all up. I hope you enjoy his music! You do a great job, Gabe! Keep doing what your doing! Oh! And write more detective-themed music!!! I absolutely adore that kind! 😉



10 thoughts on “Film Score Friday: Gabriel Hudelson

  1. I love “The Remnant” and “Phyrgia”, though “Kingdom Forever” has been my favorite for a long time! And your right, Gabriel is really good at what he does! 😀

    1. The Remnant is probably my favorite; I have a hard time picking top, top favorite, though. I about fell out of my chair when I first turned on “Private, I”! For some reason I just really love that one! 🙂


      1. Heehee I forgot – “Lydia” is really good too… and “Hero”… Yes, I have a hard time picking my top favorite too. 😀

        To the KING be all the glory!

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