Awkward… But Awesome

Awkward: When my ‘Thor’ folder has more pictures of the brother Loki than of Thor.

But Awesome: Totally getting to make Loki a folder of his own!

Awkward: Realizing I grew up watching a fraction of the Disney films than most Americans.

But Awesome: Realizing that is totally okay! 🙂

Awkward: Finding my missing Bible in the most obvious place beside my desk after I thought it was lost for good.

But Awesome: now getting to read it! 😀

Awkward: Realizing the new year of 2011 is almost over and it feels like it just started yesterday!

But Awesome: That’s okay: because the 2012 future holds the Avengers! *Screams*

Awkward: Being the only teens in church who love Threepio.

But Awesome: Going to a new church and meeting teens who love him too (and are sorry our other friends don’t)!

Awkward: Being the ‘new kids’ at church and not really knowing anyone.

But Awesome: Meeting new friends who treat you like long lost buddies.

Awkward: Learning new dance steps and being positively ungraceful about it.

But Awesome: But being able to surprise everyone that I know the hard dance that even confuses the “veterans”!

Awkward: Professing to be a Private Eye in a game of pretend but not being able to find the things I’m suppose to be looking for.

But Awesome: Getting help from the “Governor/Sheriff” who actually had clues which no one else had told me and no longer feeling ignorant.

Awkward: Singing ‘White Christmas’ but not getting snow for Christmas.

But Awesome: Not having to bother with shoveling the walk, worrying about snow drifts, chains for the tires and getting caught in snow storms.

Awkward: when people look at me funny, like I’m a something weird that climbed out of a sci-fi book.

Awesome: Knowing they are probably staring at either my curly hair, my geeky Star Wars shirts, or my long modest skirts and I suddenly feeling like someone one-of-a-kind and rare.



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