One Year: My Star Wars Story

I think it’s an appropriate time to share my Star Wars story. 🙂

I didn’t grow up with Star Wars in my life. The only contact I had with Star Wars growing up was from my cousins; Ben grew up on it and he had the lightsabers, posters and lego sets in his room. That was the only way I knew about Star Wars.

And I didn’t know much. Star Wars was a weird movie that happened in outer space with weird looking creatures. I thought Yoda was a six foot monster after seeing a huge poster of him and I had no recollection of hearing anything about Darth Vadar, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca.. not anyone. I didn’t know Darth Vadar was Luke’s father, or that Leia was Luke’s sister, or that Han was going to be frozen in carboniate: I didn’t know how anything worked out.

Star Wars was just another movie for grownups to watch.

New Year’s Eve of last had us happily sitting around the living room talking about how late we were going to stay up; we figured we see a Charlie Chan movie and maybe a John Wayne movie to help us stay awake for midnight. I had just set up my fresh new blog and written my first blog post and was all excited about that. We had all our party food and were ready to ring in the New Year.

And than Dad came out of the workroom carrying a VHS tape. “What are we watching, Dad?”

“We’re going to see the first Star Wars movie.”

Kayla and I didn’t see that coming.

I remember sitting down in the rocking chair as the movie started. My mind slowly turned to jelly as the film progressed. This was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my entire life, and it wasn’t anything like I had imagined!

The moment I knew Star Wars was going to be AWESOME (all caps worthy ‘AWESOME’) was when Han Solo slid across the bench and introduced himself. “Han Solo. I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon.”


Yes. Han Solo was the immediate hooker. It only got better from there. The movie came to the climatic ending; Han and Luke got their medals, everyone was beaming and safe and the credits rolled. And I went to bed dazzled.

The few weeks after watching A New Hope, Kayla and I were in a slight daze. We struggled to learn how to say C-3PO and placing names with faces (Chewbacca=the walking carpet. Oh, her name is Leia not Leah.)

And than the thriller. “There’s more?”

Empire Strikes Back was the movie that really hooked me, that really got me into the books and characters.  “How are they going to get Han out of the carbonite, Mom??” I fell in love with Chewbacca during ‘Empire’. I hate you, Lando Calrissian, turning in my Han and Leia to those devils! You are scum off of my shoes. HOLY MACARONI! DARTH VADAR IS LUKE’S FATHER!  What will happen now???? The sequel was just as amazing and left us hungry for more.

After that, we were all over the Internet hunting for pictures. The library was ransacked for books on how Star Wars was made and we wanted to find out everything we could about Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and all the other characters. We wanted to know about the special effects and filming, who had helped with it all and where the magic came from. Anything and everything about Star Wars interested us.

Return of the Jedi came along after that, and while it didn’t surpass the others it was just as thrilling to watch, even though Jabba the Hutt’s palace was creepy and the Ewoks were a little over the top. I finally fell for both Luke and Han as their characters finished developing and maturing. Leia became my heroine for life. The epic battle at the end between Luke and Darth Vader riveted me to my seat and I wanted to jump and scream for joy when Darth Vadar picked up the Emperor and tossed him over the side. “I LOVE YOU, DARTH VADAR! YOU’VE RESCUED MY LUKE!” I resented Lando less as he brought down the Death Star and Chewbacca gave him a hug… “Okay, fine.” I still don’t think I’ve forgiven him all the way, though  . . . .

Much has changed since watching Star Wars because no movie had so impacted me like it. I now wear Star Wars shirts and jewelry (the only jewelry I’m interested in wearing, and I’ve never worn printed t-shirts before). I’ve made new friends through Star Wars; good friends who are Christians too and they enjoy the same movies as I do. I have them to fangirl with over a new video, a set of pictures or a new SW household appliance.

The morals from the films themselves impacted and reinforced many things I’d already learned or knew. Extend your hand to the lost in hopes of saving them– Luke to Darth Vadar. This really helped me see the need to extend the message to Christ to everyone, even our enemies because they’re the ones that need it most. Seeing Han learn to give, protect and love Leia reinforced the ‘women and children first’ mindset.  Anger never solves your problems, they only make things worse–this has helped me control my temper. Learn to control your emotions so they do not control you. This too, has helped as I grow through normal teenage life. Yes, you can be a spunky, tough girl without losing all your femininity—Princess Leia is my heroine and the name sake of my kitten, Princess, who is just like her.

The one thing though, that I think of almost every week as I go about different tasks, is Yoda’s famous quote.  I think of this all the time when someone asks me to do something and I start to say, “Well, I’ll try.” I hear Yoda’s scratchy voice in my head; “No! Do or do not! There is no try!” I do a lot of things now that I would normally only try. Because I don’t want to fail like Luke did.

Star Wars is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Without a doubt. It’s been a good year being in the galaxy far, far away and I hope to be there for many more.



One Year: Blog Anniversary

One year from today, December 31st, I received permission to start a blog. I’d been blogging for quite a while before on the family blog, but this was different because it was for my own blog. I could post things on my own blog that would be clutter-y and off topic on the family blog. I could talk about movies or music or just write things that were in my mind. It could be a tool to help learn how to write better. 🙂

I looked through the different schemes that WordPress offered and picked Notebook for my starting blog theme.

I started out small; small posts about small family things. I had the loyal followers of Mom, Kayla, Rebekah and Aaron. And as far as I knew, they were the only ones who knew it was in existence!

As I spread my wings a little wider and hit bigger topics, I learned something. You want followers? You got to follow some other people to do that.

I went through the blogosphere visiting blogs that I enjoyed and left comments on each of them, leaving my URL with my name above my little message.

Only one person ever responded back to my comment by leaving a comment on my blog. I had found EFC’s blog through Castles, Quills and Cameras, which seemed like a pretty popular blog. Her button led me to her blog and I found that EFC liked film scores just like me. I left another comment and bookmarked her blog to come back later for more music. She came to my blog and left a comment saying hi and that she was glad to meet another girl who enjoyed soundtracks. We traded comments and shared our love of music. 🙂

She was the first.

I figured another way to make myself known in the world. Everyone loves getting awards. So, I picked my favorite blogs which I genuinely enjoyed and made special awards for each of them. I left comments for them saying I had special awards for them which they could come to get them and do a tag I had made up at the same time. They all came for them; some of them had never received awards before so many of them felt flattered and very happy that I had made them special awards.

That’s how I met my special Star Wars friends, Jedi-Chick and Savanna. We relate really well with Star Wars, Christian daughter hood, and just being teenage, homeschooler geeks. 😀

I have 20 signed on followers now; they all get my posts right in their inbox’s or dashboards. 🙂 Several of them have left me comments. Many are Star Wars fans, others are fellow fiction writers and others are big Disney/Pixar fans. As I branch into Marvel Comics and the Avengers, I’m sure I’ll get some followers who relate to that fandom.

I’m sure I have a ton of other followers who are ‘silent stalkers’ and have never left a comment for me to enjoy. To all of you who’ve followed me for awhile but have never said anything, I’m glad you enjoy my blog and do consider leaving just one comment for me to let me know you are there. 🙂 If you leave a blog address, I’ll even visit you back!

I’m in no way considering a stop in blogging; not for a long while, at least! I enjoy writing, putting down words, thinking up post ideas. 🙂

It’s been a great experience being a blogger; as I extend my wings wider, I hope to be more experienced in engaging with other people. Like, learning how to share wisdom, being kind and gracious when we might disagree (haven’t met very many people who I disagree with yet!) and simply learning how to handle the weapon of words wisely and carefully and well. The power of words is very great and as I love using words, I want to be good at it. Anyone concur?

Today I celebrate a old year ending and a new year beginning, a whole year of being a Star Wars fan and also a whole year of my little blog. Thank you to all who have been with me during the journey! 🙂

I’m looking forward to exciting new year of blogging!


Challenge Accepted!

So, I have a great blogging friend, Savanna. She’s into photography (she got her Nikon for Christmas; Yay!) and she decided to do the 365 photography project this up-coming year. She sent me her new blog link and invited me to it with her.

I’m crazy and spontaneous. Take one picture everyday for a year? Doesn’t sound so hard. Than I though, WOW! This would a GREAT way to document Princess growing up!

So, I accepted the challenge! But it got better, because Kayla agreed to do it to and so did Jedi-Chick! So, there are four of us all doing the challenge together! We’re all SO EXCITED now for the new year and being partners!

My second blog is called Pictures of Princess and I’ll be posting one picture everyday there for a year. I hope that I’ll be able to capture her as she matures into an adult cat. I also hope to experiment with different settings, poses, lighting, posture and simply getting used to handling the camera more.

You want to follow along? CLICK HERE to visit my second blog (or click the button above).  You can find everyone else’s links on my about page over there. 🙂

Challenge accepted! Bring it on!


A Mini Session of “ROFL”

I’m doing a mini “ROFL” post, only Star Wars themed! Hopefully a full-sized post will be ready in the short future. 🙂 (I’m going to have one themed cats and kitties, in honor of Princess. Besides, kitties make the best for funny caption pictures!)


The Adventures of Tintin: A Film Review

This… was a great movie. Any fan of action and adventure should watch this film!

It stars the old comic book hero, Tintin, a young reporter  who’s had many adventures and ready for more with his white dog, Snowy. Well, the film picks up when he buys a model ship called the Unicorn. He is immediately offered large amounts of money for it but he refuses. The ship is stolen from him later but he finds a clue that was hidden inside the ship. He is kidnapped for the clue..and everything goes from there!

This film uses the new ground-breaking animation where they actually captured motion by the actors. The animation is SO REAL There are many scenes that look vividly real. The people look very real…would look too real if most of them didn’t have such outrageously big noses. You should see this just for the animation! It’s amazing!

The plot is very interesting and action packed! Tintin meets enemies and makes unlikely friends all while figuring out the puzzle of Haddock’s mystery. Certainly not a boring moment..when there isn’t action, there is some AWESOME one liners that are hilarious! Very good humor!

Tintin is an interesting and endearing character; though background or development is lacking. I’m normally pretty upset if characters aren’t developed right, but I didn’t have a problem with Tintin as he was. He’s spunky yet mature, a quick-thinker and light on his feet. He’s endearing and the affection for his dog is cute, too!

Snowy is a real cute dog, and useful too! His loyalty to Tintin is so endearing. He can do all sorts of useful things but he still acts like a dog! (watch movie to see how!)

I think Captain Haddock is my favorite character; even though he’s a drunkard and rather loony, but he’s absolutely hilarious! Of course, the mystery lies around him and the fact that he’s forgotten everything everybody else needs him to remember!

The three together team up to escape to being held prisoners and manage to piece together enough of the mystery to go after the other model ship! And the adventures they go on just getting there are hair-rising in and of themselves!

The score of the film was written by John Williams, so it’s automatically good (LOL) and it really accented the film.

It would recommend this for kids ten and up; there are some intense scenes and only one or two off-color jokes. Otherwise, very clean and very fun. Extremely adventurous!

I HIGHLY recommend this movie!