Miracle on 34th Street

Ahhh. This movie.

It’s the family classic; I’ve watched it nearly every Christmas of my life. Tt’s also Nathan’s birthday movie because while he was being delivered in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, Kayla and I sat in the living room watching this to distract us from the unnatural noises coming from upstairs. We watched it once downstairs, and than we sat upstairs in the bedroom to rewatch it with Mom and newborn Nathan. Mom fell asleep; so we ended up playing it AGAIN that same day once again.

So…we’re attached to it sentimentally.

But it’s a great movie even without having our heartstrings tied to it. It’s got great characters, great dialouge, and a great plot. 🙂

I know Santa isn’t real… but if he was, he would be this guy. Cause this guy was just perfect in the role. If you could get close to a real live Santa, it would be Kris Kringle.

These two are cute; Maureen O’Hara plays the role of Dorris, the realistic Mom, beautifully. Dorris has the old fashioned beauty that no longer exists in today’s society. She has the 40’s hairstyle and dress, the elegance of a proper lady and always has her daughter’s interests in mind. She’s a real neat character and a great Mom. Of course, she finally falls for the friendly neighbor Mr Gailey; a lawyer and dear friend of Kris Kringle.

And this little girl is a real treasure: obedient, polite, and self-controlled. She has an inactive imagination which is stoked by Kris. She’s the cutest little thing, too, and I love her constant gum chewing.

The good ol hilarity of a 40’s film is real refreshing, and while it’s not a comedy, it has those great moments that still make us laugh out loud. The many different employees at Macy’s are delightful to watch as their difference’s and attitudes clash with Dorris, when Kris is hired on to play Santa. Everything goes wrong when they find out that he believes he is Santa; and those who close to him soon come to realize that he’s not crazy but that it’s true. Mr Kringle is Santa Clause.

But the whole matter ends up in a courtroom, and Mr Gaily, hired out by Kris, is soon in the position to prove through authority that Kris IS Santa. This leads to most hilarious ending… which I will leave you to imagine till you watch this movie!

This is one of my favorite Christmas movies and probably will remain so for the rest of my days! 🙂



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