*Whew* I’m winded.

{written last night}

And my feet are killing me.

But today totally rocked and that’s why I’m so tired.

The elder’s family at our new church are in town, and we spent nearly the whole afternoon and evening over at The Boys’ house hanging out together and being crazy.

We played the city game again… I wasn’t a deputy at first like last time, but Kayla told me to be a detective, and that was totally cool. I was hired to find a hair net…. When I was deputy I practically had to wrestle big ol’ Deryck (it’s either Deryck or Daryck, I still don’t really know how to spell his name!) about the yard because he was refusing to go to jail. For being fourteen, he’s really strong! It was my first ‘real’ hands on work as a officer of the law– with someone who was actually my size!— so it was a pretty cool challenge. At one point we were whirling about—me hanging onto his arm and he trying to shake me off—and I know was screaming, “I need handcuffs over here!” And I saw Dylan racing across the yard to come help (’cause he’s the sheriff). And the two of us ended up chasing him around the yard to till he threw himself on the ground and gave up. XD So, that was real cool police work.

And than after dinner we played British Bulldog (a running game), and everyone danced the Virginia Reel (except Deryck), and than we played Red Rover.

And Red Rover is an awesome, violent game! Two teams hold hands and pick someone from the other side to try to come break their chain. Than you hold hands as tightly as you can and the person you chose charges. If they don’t break the chain, that person joins the other team. I got picked once, but than I was never picked again…which wasn’t much fun. 😛 Dylan told my mom that “Everyone was scarred to pick Wonder Woman.” XD Of course, my arms also hurt from having everyone charge and throw themselves at us. Kayla’s charge was probably the hardest. She charged me and Dylan and our hands almost slipped! Almost! But not quite! Together, we make a chain of iron!!! Bawhahaha!

And we, of course, played freeze tag as well. It wasn’t near as fun as Legacy Freeze Tag because Legacy Freeze Tag allows stratigizing and planning. With Trinity Freeze Tag you basically just run around screaming…which is lots of fun too. LOL

And that is why I’m exhausted. I just had to document it, though, so years from now I can remember all the fun times we had at Trinity, with H children, L siblings and The Boys (who are, if you haven’t figured out, Dylan and Deryck). We had a pretty good heck of a time and I can’t wait to do it again!

Now, I seriously need to retire. I’m exhausted.



6 thoughts on “*Whew* I’m winded.

      1. Yep! LOL!!

        P.S. I just read your comment about the Darth Vader lamp on my blog. Yes, they have a Rebel one! It’s blue with a lightsaber at the bottom. I’ll email you the link later. 😉

  1. That was fun! I should of know better than to try to get through you guys! I’m glad you almost slipped though!

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