Blogging: Part Two

Blogging… part two??? Does that mean there is a part one? Yes, there is a part one. And go read it by all means: it’s about blogging and your blog. Today I am finally working on Part Two: When Visiting Other Blogs. This about interacting with other blogs and what I’ve learned and wanted to share.

It’s not a checklist and I’m not beating down on anyone. This is simply what I’ve learned after eleven months of owning a blog and visiting others. 🙂 If you’re new to this blogging experience, you would be more of the target of people I am aiming at. 😀

When visiting other blogs you become the visitor, like the one’s that show up at your blog. And these blogs aren’t run by themselves, there are real people behind them.

When visiting other blogs, leave comments on the ones you actually enjoyed checking out. If you enjoy finding a comment from a new follower, well, than you know what this other person feels like. If you are willing to bookmark or save the site, think of leaving a comment to let the person know. If you start commenting regularly, you’ll probably become the person’s best friend, especially if they’re not one of those popular places that everyone knows about!

If you really enjoy a blog, be sure to take their button. Don’t you love to find your button or link on someone’s blog? Do the same favor to the blogs that you enjoy.  Put it on your sidebar or in a desperate page, like what I have. If you enjoy it, you’ll want to see your friends show up there too, especially if you all share the same fandom (this is how I got some of my followers because most of us love Star wars), favorite band or book or if they’re just plain decent and deserve more followers!

Follow blogs with substance. Follow and recommend the blogs of people who are real and down-to-earth because they’ll be the ones who actually blog things that have substance to them. Silly bloggers who just talk to their friends through out the whole post or who can never make one post have any flow or connection can be a waste of time. Find blogs run by bloggers who have a good grip on life and you’re reading time will probably not be wasted. Also try to follow some fun blogs who do share fun things in an orderly fashion. They can brighten your day or even trigger blog posts ideas of your own.

The next two do below are important!

Don’t be an annoying and disagreeable commenter: I’m sorry to say that there are people out there who don’t ever leave edifying comments. I’m not talking about haters, I’m talking about the people who just never agree with anything. Please be considerate when at someone else’s blog. It’s totally fine to disagree with someone, if you can disagree in a kind and Christian way; but to only leave disagreeable comments is both rude and unkind. If you never agree with anything the person says, than stop following them. You’re probably wasting your time on the wrong blog and you’re probably wasting their time with your comments.

How to Disagree Graciously: If you do disagree but generally enjoy the person’s blog, than at beginning of your comment tell them what you do agree with and praise them for even taking the time to write or for doing a good job. Than present what you disagree with. This is both more courteous and more thoughtful. The other person will also be more open to discussing the disagreement if you are a regular commenter and supporter. If you only show your face to disagree and argue, than you will simply make the person weary and will discourage them. Look at the position as if you were the one who had published it and see how you would want other’s to respond if they disagree with you. This is important; so I want to say thank you to all the commenters on here who have left encouraging and happy comments for me; they mean the world to me and are a blessing!

And, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on being a visiting blogger.  No one should take these personally, they are simply things I’ve learned after almost a year of running a blog and wanted to share for the benefit of others. Again, if you have time, check my first blogging post as well. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Blogging: Part Two

  1. I love comments! I’m grateful I’ve been getting some nice ones this month!
    ( I hate it when people try to act grown up by disagreeing with me. That happened a while ago to me.)

    1. I’m glad I’ve been able to channel more followers to your blog, Kayla! 🙂

      We can pray the people can grow in maturity; until then, we just need to forgive them. 🙂


  2. Good posts, Jamie! You practice what you preach, which is most appreciated. 🙂 Sometimes I think people don’t realize that the same rules of kindness and courtesy apply to online interactions as well as those that take place in person. In fact, this exercise of kindness takes on a whole new importance because online interactions can be more easily misinterpreted. You can’t go wrong by treating others the way you would prefer to be treated.

    By the way, I love the images you use to illustrate your posts!

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