I Won

Last night I completed the NaNoWriMo 50,000 word challenge!

I’m really happy… even though my book is maybe only half way completed. But the challenge was really good for me to be persistent in having a schedule. It was also GREAT to actually see my how many words I do write everyday.  My book at 50,055 is 117 pages, which is about half the average length for my regular novels, which are normally about 200 pages long.

Here is my completed stats page; with my winning word count turned purple!

I do plan on conitinue to write my first draft until it’s completed, but I’m glad this month challenge is finally over. XD

I do want to say thank you to Rebekah, Aubrey and Jedi-Chick who were all there with me through out the month. Jedi-Chick and I finally managed to do a word war! And Aubrey really helped keep me accountable on my word count and writing! Rebekah is going to continue to hold me accountable to get my entire first draft done. Thank you so much, girls!

Also, thank you to my Mom for letting me do this challenge and giving my a few hours every day to write! 😀

While I can cheer and all, I really have to get back to writing. Lavina is still kidnapped while Lavington and his party are feeling lost in thick fog on one of the most dangerous mountains in the Kingdom. I can’t leave them there much longer! So, back to keyboard! A story must be told!



12 thoughts on “I Won

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! This must have been a tough goal to reach. 50,000 words is a lot. I’m so happy for you!!

  2. I knew you would finish ahead of schedule and still not be done! Your the fastest writer on earth! I can’t wait to hear the book!

    1. Thank you, and I hope so too! I also just got another short-story inspiration last night and I’m excited to work on that as well! I hope I can get back to writing more often! 🙂


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