Happy Fifth Birthday, Nathan!

Well, he doesn’t really turn five till Dec 6th, but we thought we’d celebrate early so we just move on to Christmas. 🙂

Anyway, my little brother is five years old now; he seems older…

Nathan: Three Years Old

Nathan is a wonderful blessing to our family; he’s bright, cheery, and very smart. He talks like an adult, he’s very tall for his age, he loves anything Star Wars, and he’s almost finished learning his alphabet and phonics. He’ll be reading real soon!

Nathan is going to be a darn handsome young man someday; he has the looks right now. Most people we meet give him huge smiles and than whisper to us, “He’s so  CUTE!” A lot of the boys in our family are very tall, so we’re all positive he’ll be about six feet when he’s fully grown. While he’s small, I want to help teach him to be a great gentleman, and I’m envious of the young lady who will catch his eye one day.

Nathan is a sweetheart; he’s said MORE than one time that he wants to marry me! So, he’s also my first admirer. He’s mentioned it more than one time; a couple times when food was involved. I also asked him one time why he wanted to marry me “when he was bigger”. He said, “Well, there aren’t any guys around here for you to marry, so you can just marry me. Once I’m bigger.” I asked that if we got married, if he would buy me a pony. He looked very serious and held out his hands, “We’ll see! We’ll see!” He said.

Happy birthday, Nathan! I love you!

Nathan; at Niagra Falls



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