Film Score Friday

Today’s film score is on a special favorite of mine. The Black Stallion.

The main titles capture the mysterious, dignified, Arabian touch that is in essence, Black, wild horse tamed by a boy on a deserted island.

This piece varies through three different forms. At the beginning it’s more playful and dancefull. The middle is hard, steady, coursing, charging. And the last, my favorite. The Black’s theme plays eerily and mysteriously. It’s one of my favorite film themes ever. I WANT A BLACK HORSE! Whew, glad to get that off my chest!

The Ride; I like how this piece; it captures the feeling of victory that Alec got when he learned to ride The Black. I think it’s so pretty and boisterous!

Flashback and Winner’s Circle: the end piece. I always feel so alive after watching the race and seeing them win and than hearing that theme mystically play before the credits.

I completely believe this film is what cultivated my love for horses.

As much as I love the Island scenes, I enjoy the later part in the city almost more (which is backward for most people), but I loved seeing how Black was trained to race and how Alec befriended Henry. Such a gorgeous film with beautiful music!!!!


4 thoughts on “Film Score Friday

    1. I really enjoy a lot of Mr Bergersen’s work; but I will revisit Promise to hear it again. My favorite of his is Ocean Princess. It’s one of the most epic pieces of music I’ve EVER heard.


    1. It’s a horseracing movie based after a children’s book. 🙂 It’s pretty good, though not quite up your alley. XD I’m glad you like the score, though.


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