I’m Thankful For:

The Lord’s mercy and graciousness. For Christ’s sacrifice. For God’s Holy Word. For my family. For my sister and little brother. For my home and safe neighborhood. For all the security that God has given me through these things.

I couldn't resist; this was too adorable!

I’m thankful for the special relationship that’s been built this year between my sister and I. We’ve still had our bad moments, but we’ve really become close this year. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better and having her for my best friend.

I’m thankful for my old Legacy friends: The H kids, the J girls, all my little friends; the M’s. I’m also thankful for my new Trinity friends: the L siblings and The Boys. I’m thankful for their openness and friendliness and I’m really looking forward to being good friends with them all.

By furry buddy: Clarence

I’m thankful for Mrs T and her two big dogs Clarence and Tink. I’m thankful for the two years we’ve spent visiting her, walking the dogs, fixing her yard and just having great times together opening mail, rearranging furniture and throwing the balls outside. I’m thankful for all the treats she’s share with us and for loaning us special places in her doggies hearts; cause Kayla and I are their favorite people.

I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve made since the beginning of this year; EFC, Jedi-Chick, Savanna, Vellvin, James and Jacob, and of course, Aubrey Hansen. They’ve all been encouraging, good friends and it’s been wonderful getting to know each of them through our fandoms and hobbies and our same love for God.

I’m thankful for the Star Wars universe and that God brought it into our lives at the perfect time! He knew when we would appreciate and enjoy it the most and this was the perfect year for us to get into a fandom. Star Wars has been an excellent example of dominion in filmmaking and media; it has been one of the tools that God has used to bring me and my sister a little closer in our relationship. It’s been excellent for us to study filmmaking and worldview. It’s also been a tool to meet other likeminded friends and helped learn to verbally and literaryly defend and converse about things we like that other people might not.  It’s just….been a total God-Thing and I’m very thankful for it.

Star Wars Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for my blog and my writing skill. My blog has been a fun, great tool for me to pratice writing skills and communication and I see through my almost-one-year-journey how I’ve grown in communication skills. It’s helped me connect with new friends and keep in touch with old. It’s been just a fun little place of my own where I can either share a hard-thought-out post about humility or purity or just a random post of the Disney Princess or Star Wars randomness. I’m thankful that my parents let me start it and I look forward to the coming years where I can use to further develop my skills and touch other people’s lives with the joy that I love to share.

I’m thankful for many more things, but my list has grown longer than I intended already and I got other things I need to be doing. So, thank you, God, for all that’s happened to us this year!

Oh, one more thing, God. Thank you for Captain America. I had lost hope that movie heroes who were filmed in this day and age would ever have any qualities which I could appreciate, learn from and love.  But Captain America is the hero I can truly cheer for because he’s truly God-Honoring. And that’s something I had lost hope for. So, thanks a lot. I’m very grateful for him, too. 🙂





3 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I’m thankful for:
    My family
    My dog, Odie
    My friends (internet buddies and real life friends)
    And the awesome technology that allows us to connect with each other!!

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