Just a Little Star Wars

EPIC! Do they sell those things? I want one for my ceiling!

*Begins to hyperventilate*

Creepy. Totally understand why Darth Vadar is one of the biggest villains ever created!Very Cool!!!!

Steampunk Artoo and Threepio. I kinda like the old version better. Heehee. Threepio looks kinda creepy there! LOL

I will take the old version. It makes more sense that he appears old. Otherwise, it leaves the question ‘how come Obi-Wan couldn’t have come back in his younger body?’

Gah, those annoying little Jawas! They’re actually sorta cute in a weird sense…

Yay for George Lucas!~Jamie


10 thoughts on “Just a Little Star Wars

  1. YOU ROCK SO MUCH!!!!!! I love these pictures!! And yes, you’re correct….HAN shot first. 😉

    I also agree about the ghost change thing. Why didn’t Alec Guinness become Ewan McGregor?! So stupid…

    1. Awww, thank you so much! 😀

      Yes, he totally shot first. There is no way a green alien could drawn faster than Han Solo.

      Yeah, and there’s even cause to wonder why none of the other Jedi Knights didn’t show up, if young Anakin showed up..


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