A Matter of Politics

The question for today is from Jedi-Chick, “Are you a conservative, republican, or democrat? What are your ‘values’ when it comes to politics?” This is a great question as I have yet touched on politics on my blog.

My family has been Republican for a long time, but only in the past few years have we joined the Conservative party. 🙂 I’m conservative in my beliefs. I think the government has sinned against God for a very long time in that they have taken more power than He gave them in the Bible. I would like to see the power given back to people, and that the Constitution should be revered by both the people and the government. And that freedom would reign under the restrictions of the Bible.

As of now, I’m under the opinion that women may vote. But as the same with men, they should cast votes for those who follow God’s laws and ways. I’m looking forward to next year’s Presidential election; I’ll be eighteen and if my Dad gets the time to register me in, I’ll get to vote!!

That sums up what I can think of now. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “A Matter of Politics

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