Superheros (and why the Captain is my favorite)

This is a big post; fit for Saturday. Kayla wanted me to do another Captain America post; and Vellvin asked in one of the question posts, “Are you very big on superheroes?”

Actually, not really! But mostly because I haven’t seen many superhero movies outside of Captain America and Thor (I would like to see Iron Man and I’m looking forward to The Avengers, but I’m not interested in the old Superman, Spiderman or Batman films). Thor is not my favorite superhero; there are reasons why the Captain scores higher than him; simply in the sense of where he came from and how realistic he is (not to talk about character!)

For a large reason, the Captain didn’t come from space. Hahaha! But tha’s refreshing, because it seems like several superheroes like Superman came from outer space (they’re born in outer space and got sent to earth, ect). So they’re power doesn’t seem anything that super special because from where ever they come from, that’s normal. This applies to Thor; his superpowers are ‘normal’ in Asgard.

But with the Captain, he was born here on earth as a regular human being just like anyone of us; in fact sicker than many us. His character dimension felt real because he was a real being. So when he, a sickly, small solider was turned into this tall, muscular superhero, there was cause to let my jaw drop: because it was abnormal. And he didn’t change much when he became a superhero. He was still the same ol’ Steve Rogers, with the same convictions, the same heart, the same compassionate spirit. The only thing that changed about him was his size. And that’s pretty cool.

I also liked something regarding his new superhero powers, but actor Chris Evans said it better than I could:  “He would crush the Olympics. Any Olympic sport he’s gonna dominate. He can jump higher, run faster, lift stronger weight, but he can be injured. He could roll an ankle and be out for the season. He’s not perfect, he’s not untouchable. So a lot of the effects, if I’m going to punch someone they’re not going to put them on a cable and fly them back 50 feet, but he’s going to go down, probably not getting back up, which I think humanizes it. It makes it something that, again, I think everyone can relate to a little bit more, which I really like.” *Bold added by me* If you don’t understand what Chris is saying, basically, it’s this: Captain America is a superhero, but he’s still a human being. The way he fights is amazing but realistic. So, that is another reason why I really like him.

The other part I like about him is his humility, which is already covered in my post, ‘Humble Heroes’. If you haven’t already, please take the time to read it if you run out of reading material.

Another thing I like about the Captain is in that he a human man, therefore, he’s not perfect. Steve Rogers still had sin in his life which made him feel even more real and dimensional. He swears when things get tough (minor swearing, I’ll grant). In the following scene after a tragic loss, he admits he wanted to get drunk, but was unable to because of his how his super-body functioned. I believe that alcohol is fine to drink but being drunk is something that God forbids. So, Steve Rogers still had sin in his life; and like I’ve just said, this made him feel more like someone who could have really existed. That’s not to excuse him from sinning, it’s just something I wanted to point out.

At any rate, the rest of this post is pictures, because I (and I’m sure my sister, fellow Captain pals, would really enjoy it too!) would like to do good picture post right about now.




10 thoughts on “Superheros (and why the Captain is my favorite)

  1. YAY! CAPPY POSTS! I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES. I love the costumes, especially Steve and Peggy. (I love, love love Peggy’s skirts!)

      1. Wrong? uh, I dunno. I guess I’m just too lazy to write ‘Captain’ all the time.

      2. My goodness; you could at least write “The Cap”. It sounds better than ‘Cappy’. LOL That sounds like a fish or something.


  2. Captain America is the best! I highly recommend the Spider-Man movies. It is a great under dog story. And a heads up about Iron Man he is not super heroic like Cap and Thor. He is a very flawed character. But that is one of reasons I like him. And the Batman and Superman movies are not that good and very over rated.

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendations! I would like to see the first Iron Man movie since reading your review and seeing a trailer for it. But the second Iron Man movie doesn’t look so clean, so we’ll have to see about that one. Thanks for the comments; it’s nice knowing you guys to share which superhero films are worth checking out and which aren’t. 🙂


  3. Don’t watch Iron Man unless your parents see it first. He is a handsome brilliant millionaire, so he has a lot of attitude. He is quiet (and I mean quiet) lose with immodest ladies, and his secretary is very immodest at parts. We have the clean-flix version, which cuts out the swearing and the near-sex scene. Only the older ones watch it, and mom and dad skip a lot of parts. The graphics and humor is great, and the music (when it is not rock) is pretty good, but I would really be careful if I were you. Which I am not, because if I was then I would have been married already because every christian single guy would be charmed by my super-human beauty. 🙂

    1. We are considering watching both Iron Man movies with Clean-Fix. He’s certainly does not sound like a hero like Thor or the Cap; thank you very much for the warning, though! I appreciate it. 🙂

      Goodness, Nechet, you’re only fourteen! I think you need to wait a few more years before marriage!!!


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