Film Score Friday

I couldn’t do a film score post without one of Star Wars. The music is one of the best parts of the saga and really gives the story some of it’s depth and wonder. The themes are distinct, beautiful and well written. John Williams certainly deserved the Oscar he won for it!

I wanted to share some of the different themes other than those super popular ones (not that there’s nothing wrong with them, but everyone’s more familiar with them).

Parade of the Ewoks. I’m not a huge fan of the Ewoks. But I LOVE their theme! It was one thing I noticed during watching the film. “Wow, they’re theme is great!” It’s one oft the reasons I wanted the Return of the Jedi soundtrack!

Oh gosh, Princess Leia’s theme is so beautiful! I try to hum it as much I do Luke’s. I need to listen to it more to get it down pat. I think it’s fits her wonderfully!

OMG, the first piece is amazing. The music, coupled with seeing everyone’s beaming faces, all safe and together, made me feel so happy. It’s still one of those perfect movie endings, a real ‘happily ever after’ that felt so good! I nearly cried . . . .

This ending piece did another great job in giving the film a closed, happy feeling. While it have such a powerful effect on me as the one above, it came pretty close and I’m sure I was beaming.



4 thoughts on “Film Score Friday

  1. I LOVE Star Wars soundtrack. I enjoy listening to it all the time. John Williams does a great job of emoting conflicting feelings from Star Wars through his music.

    I also love the first and last pictures. SO COOL!

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