Who’s My Star Wars Man?

This super awesome/hilarious question was asked by Star Wars buddy Jedi-Chick. It was very original; thanks for asking!

This is going to be a tough post to write on account of two things. There are some extremely awesome guys to choose from, from Star Wars. And, I do try hard not to dwell too long on fictional/fantasy guys, because they can dull away my expectations for my human/sinner Prince Courage. That doesn’t mean I NEVER enjoy the masculinity of fictional men. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Robin Hood, Captain America, Judah Ben-Hur, and Ned Land have all given me a grin on my face (Kayla knows all the different movies that have the guys where I squeak “Isn’t he cute?”) It’s just that I like to try hard not to continually DWELL on them.

Since I don’t very often, I suppose it’d be okay just to answer this super awesome question, right? Riiiiight! My conscious is clear! I dive into this with eagerness! Because there are some awesome Star Wars guys!

There are three most amazing guys from Star Wars.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Face it! He’s responsible, loyal, trust worthy and diligent. He trained two generations of Skywalkers, was responsible for the protection of Luke since he was a baby and was a excellent Jedi. Not to mention good looks (one of the few guys I’ve seen who can pull off a beard and still look good.) Sadly, he belonged to the old Jedi Order that forbade marriage. Phooey. So, that crosses him off.

2. Luke Skywalker. Boy oh boy! Here’s a wonderful example of true manhood. Loyal, good hearted, faithful, and filled with passion. Let’s face it, he certainly was more stable in his character than Han (that’s about the one up he has against him). And besides, he brought down the Death Star the first time he ever sat in the cock pit of an X-Wing (much like Anakin.) I’ve long since forgiven him for being a blond, too. And, he’s my number one favorite character from Star Wars. But as much as I love him, I don’t see him as my ‘man’. I almost see him more like the big brother I’ve always wanted. So that crosses him off.
3. Han Solo. Need I say more? Well, I will anyway just for the record. While most of my friends seem to despise him for lack of character in the first one, I’ve grown to love his story arc and character growth through the trilogy. Because, just like Luke and Leia, he grew through the three movies and one that I appreciate almost more because his was the most radical. He learned the true meaning of love and self sacrifice. Not only that, but he’s got the looks, the wit and the fastest ship in the galaxy. What more could a girl ask for? Well….I’m not sure. But I just know that as much as I admire and love this guy; he’s not the Star Wars man for me either.

I know, I’ve disappointed even myself, but it’s just too hard to pick between Luke and Han. They’re both awesome in their own ways! They’re both attractive, they’re both strong in character, they’re both amazing! But they seem to come up even in my measurements.

And, well, to be completely honest, someone beat them to my heart first. Before either of them could solidly make their way into my heart, somebody else was already there. No, he’s not Lando. How dare you even think that. And I will never consider Anakin–not because he became Darth Vadar but because I have never heard such whining from a young man ever in my life. No, my Star Wars man isn’t any of these guys. In fact, he’s not even a human! But his soul is as bright as theirs.

I know. I know. Laugh at me, but it’s true. Before Luke and Han had grown intoto their full character arch, Chewie had already squeezed into my heart. Because really, he didn’t even need to go through character development. He’s been pretty awesome since the start, even though I didn’t really notice him until Empire. Considering he’s my second favorite character, it seems appropriate. Because, there is nothing about him that I don’t like. I love the growls and moans that he makes. I love his humongous size and strength– big time! I love his loyalty, love, compassion, and ability to be nasty when needed. I was practically cheering him on when he started strangling Lando at Cloud City. I love his constant devotion to Han, even at the risk of his own skin. I love the protectiveness of him, along with Leia and Luke. Even the droids. I thought it was so awesome he went after poor torn apart C-3PO at Cloud City, brought him to consciousness and than carried him for the rest of the trip. Not only that, but he can fly the Millennium, and shoot the Wookie cross bows and everything.  I just can’t find anything wrong this guy; which is a good thing. Because I think he’s the only real Star Wars dude for my heart.

Best thing is, I will still be able to whole-heartedly adore him even after I’m married to my own flesh-and-blood man! A husband might be jealous over Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, but a fuzz ball? Probably not. 😛 So I win on both sides and I’m completely happy.

Sorry, Luke, Han, Obi-Wan—all you guys. You were so, so, so close. And I still love you all to death. But my guy is the Wookie.

Boy, am I glad that’s all settled!

~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “Who’s My Star Wars Man?

  1. *laughing and rolling around.* YAY! I get Luke all to myself!!!!! MAWHAHAHA! This is great!!!
    Chewie is perfect for you! Such a fun post!

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