Thor: A Film Review

So we finally got around to see Thor. Basically I wanted to see the family because Thor is going to be teamed up with Captain America in The Avengers next year, so I thought it’d be great to see what this guy is like.

While Captain America: The First Avenger is still my favorite superhero movie, I liked this one a lot, for different reasons, though not quite as much.

Thor is the story of the God of Thunder, Thor by name. The firstborn of the King of their realm Asgard. However he’s reckless, thirsty for war, and very arrogant. He nearly breaks the fragile peace that his Kingdom had with the Frost Giants, nearly causing war. His father wisely takes his power from him and banishes him to earth.Thor is discovered nearly right away by a scientist and her two friends. He goes about the next day like he always has; rude, arrogant and like a King. Everyone sees him as a crazy homeless guy. It is when Thor learns that his disobedience had sent his father to his grave that he truly sees himself for who he really is.  Letting go of his selfishness he learns to love others more than himself and ultimately is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The effects for this movie were AMAZING. The different worlds were very beautiful, very colorful, very fantasy like. The rainbow bridge was very cool. I’d like the sharp blue colors of the cold Frost Giants world to the warm orangish colors of the Thor’s homeland, Asgard. The costumes were also great. Thor’s outfit is a good rival to Captain’s red, white and blue suit, and Thor wears a cape!

There were a wide range of neat characters; personal favorites would be Jane, who was played by Natalie Portman (Padme from Star Wars). I think her acting has much improved. 😀 Thor’s Father was a great character; very wise, very kind, very strong. The gatekeeper was rather mysterious but loyal and I liked his character a lot.

However, probably my favorite character of the entire film was Loki, Thor’s brother. He was a strong, dimensional, struggling character that I as a writer would love to capture in my own characters. I LOVED his plot story. However, I can’t say that much because it would ruin a ton of the plot…. so, all I can say is that I really liked his character dimension and depth.

One aspect I didn’t like  was that Thor and his family were gods. I didn’t really care for that aspect much, being a Born Again Christian who believes in only one God. But, aside from that, there’s not much else I didn’t like.

Oh. I didn’t like Thor’s hair. End of story.

So, I really enjoyed Thor. I looking forward to seeing him in The Avengers next year!

*Scroll to the bottom to see what I think of Thor compared to my favorite superhero, Captain America*

And as to those questions I know are coming: Did Thor rival Captain America for number two on my heroes list? Is Thor my new favorite Marvel’s film? Do you like Thor more than Captain America? 

I was actually nervous that somehow Thor would be even more impressive than Captain America. However, as much I as I like Thor, he did not get even come close to replacing him on the list. Though he is probably in the top twenty for sure! 😀

No, Thor is not my new favorite Marvel’s production. I still really love Captain America: The First Avenger and it’s still the one I want to get for Christmas. Thor is probably my new favorite fantasy film. But really, the two films are so different you can’t hardly compare them. They’re both amazing in their own ways.

Well, Captain has one thing in advantage to him against Thor that I feel worth mentioning. He has really nice hair… and I could care less for that long hair Thor sported. And I got a stronger feeling of the Captain’s character in his film than I did from Thor’s. So, Captain is still my very favorite.

I am REALLY EXCITED to see the two work together in The Avengers! I think they’ll make fantastic superhero duo ever!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Thor: A Film Review

    Thor’s hair isn’t that long!!! It makes him look like a fantasy god!

  2. Great review. About Asgardians being called “gods” it some what explained in the movie but a lot more in the comics that they are from a different dimension and are kind of like aliens except from a different dimension and not a different planet. And the early Norwegian people thought the Asgardians were “gods” because they had power that they have not seen before. Awesome pictures. 😀 I will hopefully be making a guide on what to watch before the Avengers comes out.

    P.S. You might want to check out the Iron Man movies since he is also a large part of the Avengers.

    1. Thanks for commenting; I will keep watch for your guide!

      That’s what I’ve heard but we’ll have to see if I can get my Mom to watch another superhero movie… 😀


    1. I agree that the Captain was better than Thor. I did really like Red Skull as a villain, he was rather terrifying. I do like Loki more, though. I am REALLY, REALLY excited that he will be in ‘The Avengers’. He will be an EPIC villain!


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