Robin of Locksley or The Kid from Brooklyn

So, the boys at J&J Productions asked me a good question on my recent post called Stars Wars Vs Robin Hood: Which would I pick, The Many Adventures of Robin Hood or Captain America: The First Avenger.

Here they really got me because Robin and Stephen are my numbers 1 and 2 heroes in fiction entirety (Luke, Han, Obi-Wan and Chewie right behind them). And, meaning fiction, I mean movies, books, audio tapes…. everything fiction. These six guys just clean the board when it comes down to real heroes. Anyway, ’nuff said about that.

Now, when they use the film titles, I’m just guessing they’re asking which film I prefer over the other. That’s an easier question than the one I’m going to put to myself in just a few minutes.

There is, of course, a huge difference between these films simply because one was made here in 2011 and the other one was made in 1993! Talk about a time span in the film making industry! Way back when my Robin Hood movie was made, they were using reels of film with stunt doubles to protect the real actors. Today, we’ve got the digital cameras with digital special effects (AH-MAAAAZING special effects) in which you can do nearly anything (revolutionized in the 70’s by Mr George Lucas himself for the original Star Wars Episode IV)!

Acting in both films is very good. Chris Evan did an awesome job as Steve Rogers and Errol Flynn is the most perfect actor to play Robin Hood. All the other actors from both films are also very good and well-cast.

The plots are also very good. I’ve loved the different legends and stories of Robin Hood, they’re all so fun and different, and this movie really brought to life some of my favorite scenes, like Little John and Robin meeting, meeting Friar Tuck, winning the Golden Arrow, falling in love with Maid Marian and the amazing sword fight at the end.  The film really captured the lightheartedness of the Merry Men and the barvery of cocky Robin.

Captain America’s plot is the word ‘amazing’ wrapped up in a couple of hours. It’s sci-fi weapons, it’s World War II, it’s superhero and supervillian, it’s about believing in whats right and living it, even when your small. Because than your big from the inside.  The plot felt original, fresh, brilliant and really life-touching. It had great flow, classic war-time touch blended perfectly sci-fi.

However, there is an obvious winner. I would watch Captain America: The First Avenger over The Many Adventures of Robin Hood any day!

Buuut, when you’re asking me to pick a HERO over each other, it’s like asking me to decide between Luke and Han. I can’t. They’re both equally awesome in different aspects. Luke and Han basically tie.

The same can be said with Steve Rogers and Robin Hood; except that Steve only came into my picture four or five months ago. Robin Hood has been my hero since I was twelve, before my little brother was born! No questions asked, he just always has been. I read the Robin Hood legends, dreamed about Robin Hood, morphed the Robin Hood ideas and themes into my fictional stories and nearly died when I found The Many Adventures of Robin Hood on a Goodwill shelf. Like, nearly died. The picture had ERROL FLYNN on the front! And OLIVIA DE HAVILAND! And than I read the back and there’s the name of my favorite actor BASIL RATHBONE on the back. And I flipped out. I remember calling my dad on Mom’s cell phone to get his permission to buy the movie (I was about fourteen). And so I nearly DIED when I finally got to see it at home. It’s still one of my best Goodwill buys ever.

Robin Hood has always been my number one hero. So, it’s hard when I find a guy like Steve Rogers who encompasses nearly EVERYTHING I like to see in manly men. Humility, self-sacrifice, tenderness, bravery, strength, sincerity….. Plus, he’s the most amazing shield ever, a real awesome motorcycle, great hair, great smile….I could go on an on. Basically, he placed second on my ultimate heroes list.  😀

To come in second with my Robin Hood is not bad at all.



3 thoughts on “Robin of Locksley or The Kid from Brooklyn

  1. Hmmmm…. that explains a lot. Mawwhaahaaahawwwwawwwaw!
    Okay, sorry for being such a freak. Good post.

  2. Thanks for answering my question. Please tell if I got this right: You like Captain America: The First Avenger movie better than The Adventures of Robin Hood but you like Robin Hood as a better hero. Great post and again great pictures. 🙂

    1. You got it right. Although, I wouldn’t say Robin is a BETTER hero; he’s just been in my life longer, and it’s hard to knock off a hero of a few years for a hero for a few months. If that makes sense. 😀 Thanks for commenting and thanks for asking the question! 🙂


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