Film Score Friday

This Friday I’m going to share the score that won an Academy Award, Beauty and the Beast (hopefully the links work).

I hadn’t seen this film since I had been a tiny girl, and I didn’t remember nearly anything outside of the rose. But as this prolouge began to play across our TV screen, I was drawn in and knew right away that I was going to LOVE this film. I’m very sure that a large part of what drew me in was the brilliant scoring coupled with the beautiful stain glass and the strong voice of the narrator.

I have a hard time picking a favorite theme from this film because they’re all amazing. But…. there’s something so mysterious, eerie and alluring to the Beast’s theme (the theme we hear in the Prolouge). We know when Belle see’s the rose because we hear the theme ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and when she see’s the Beast’s picture because we hear his theme playing. Gah, it’s just so amazing and beautiful. A wonderful example of how music tells a story.

This one is Battle on the Tower. I want to point out the strong flow of character theme in this story. We know when the servants are attacking because we hear the theme of ‘Be Our Guest’ trilling loudly, when there’s danger, when a character has been saved and even when we’re once again seeing Belle and her father back at the house. I love how the moods change!

Transformation. It’s my favorite one. So beautiful, so intriguing, so well done! I love the escalating music when you can tell the magic is beginning to take effect and Beast becomes Prince! If I visualize the movie with the music, I normally tear up (yes, Beauty and the Beast is that one rare film that brought me to tears at the end).

I completely understand and agree that Beauty and the Beast certainly deserved that Academy Award for Best Score! It will always remain as one of my favorites!



6 thoughts on “Film Score Friday

  1. Belle was always my #2 Princess when I was little (Cinderella was first). I actually watched this movie last week, it’s such a classic!!

    1. Lol, Belle is my number one and Cinderella is my number two! LOL That’s funny. Yes, it is a classic! I really need to watch it again sometime. 🙂


      1. Ha ha ha!! That is funny. I need to watch Cinderella again…but I fear that I may get the “Cinderelly” song stuck in my head. 😛

      2. LOL! 😀

        By the way, I’m listening to the SW talk show you were on, it’s great to hear your voice! 😀 I got so excited! 😀


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