Thoughts On the Novel

How many words have you written and how far have the words taken you into your plot? I’m at 25,027 words, the halfway mark. They have taken passed the kidnapping, and I have introduced another secondary character who is vital for the plot. So things are going well!

Worrying about a particular character or two? Why? I’m actually worried about the main character’s best friend, Cass. I’m afraid of people liking him more. I need to find a way to give him some faults to make him more ‘human’. I also need to give the main character Lavington more dimension.

Is your plot pretty clear in where you are going or are you flying by the seat of your pants? I’m kinda doing both. I have a good idea of the story, but I didn’t write out a strict outline or anything. So, a lot of things are up in the air as to how they will turn out.

Why are you writing this particular book? I wanted to write a ‘fantasy’ story, originally. I wanted to write about knights and dragons and battles and tyrants with a strong romantic lead. I also wanted to give it a slight allegorical twist to it, in which you can compare the story with Biblical traits or attributes that we see in the Bible.

Have you read any books that have helped prepare you for writing this story? “Writing Fiction For Dummies”. Best. Writing. Book. Ever. It really helped when I was at the very beginning of story developing for this book. I highly recommend this book!

A scene you are really looking forward to writing? I’m getting excited to writing the scenes where the main characters meet their traveling companions. There are going to be some crazy characters!

A part of the plot that is making you nervous? Yes. But if I say it I will spoil a large part of the story….

Who is your favorite character to write about? I actually enjoy writing with Lavina because she’s very feminine but strong. I picture her with a high, gentle voice and a tall frame. She also has a patient temper which is fun to work with.

Is there a character that is turning out more complex than you expected? YES! Lady Bullmark, Lavington’s mother. She was going to be a small character who wasn’t going to say much to start out with. But suddenly I’ve given her a mental problem that ties in with the death of her husband and best friend… so her moods change frequently and she’s very feisty when fighting emotional problems (until she breaks down in sobs). She’s turned out way more dimensional than I ever planned but I’m actually happy about it because I’ll be able to tie it all in later.

Final Thoughts: Overall, writing is going well! *sighes happily*



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