Star Wars verses Robin Hood

Vellvin aked, “Would Robin Hood have replaced Star Wars if you had seen Star Wars before Robin Hood?”

The answer is, “No, Robin Hood would not have replaced Star Wars.” It would still have made it to my top ten favorite movies, though.

They both are fascinating movies with features that make them both winners in my book. They are actually more similar than one would first think, but I can think of some close similarities.

They both have awesome leads.

Awesome ladies.

Awesome actors.

And they’re set in two awesome places–Outer Space and the Romantic Sherwood Forest in Ancient England.

Luke Skywalker and Robin Hood are both fighting the same thing: Tyrannical government.

One has the Rebel Alliance as aid and the other the Merry Men of Sherwood.

Both films have beautiful romance.

Both have swelling action.

Both have hilarious banter between characters.

They’re both just really awesome movies. While Star Wars rocks the top of my list, Robin Hood is still there in the top ten.

If you haven’t seen either, than do so. Or I will do something drastic. 😛 There, you are forewarned.

Warnings: Both movies have intoxicating action, romance and humor that will make your soul fly. Dashing men include Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone. Women with flair and a little sass include Maid Marian and Princess Leia. Both films will induce you to rewatches over and over. Proceed with caution. You WILL be hooked.




9 thoughts on “Star Wars verses Robin Hood

  1. Ahhh!! I love all of the side-by-side pictures. I haven’t seen this Robin Hood movie…only the Disney animated film…but I will sometime soon!!

  2. I would have to say that Star Wars is a lot better but Robin Hood is definitely in my Top 40 movies. Great pictures. 🙂 And great post. I like to know which do you like better. Captain America: The First Avenger or The Adventures of Robin Hood?

  3. Cool post. I loved the pictures! EEEEKKKK- new Luke picture! *freak out* Star Wars is diffidently better for me. But I like Robin Hood too.

    1. Lol, that sounded kinda health-related. “Star Wars is better for me, because I have allergies to some of merry men”.

      Now I need to go see what picture you are talking about!


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