My History in Pencils

Okay, that sounds really weird. But this is in answer to a question left by Vellvin, “Do you like drawing or writing better?”

That’s a fun question cause I have stories about both. To answer the question bluntly, I like writing better than drawing. I consider myself horrible at drawing; I can bring things to life better with the words my pencils write than anything I could draw.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve never liked drawing either.

When I was younger, we had a wonderful drawing book that was full of colorful pictures and hand drawn ideas. It wasn’t a strick ‘how-to’ draw book, with a line of numbers. It was more of a fun book that gave ideas. There were pencil drawings inside that my sister and I would trace and than try drawing free hand.

I remember one drawing in particular. A large house with windows showing the inside, and vines with roses crawling up the walls. Curtains in the windows, steps leading to the door, and a attic. Maybe a chimney. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. During quiet times, I’d sit and draw my version of it at my desk.

Most other drawing is limited. I like creating little stick figures and faces to amuse Nathan when I need to keep him quiet, but other than that, I do little drawing these days.

I do enjoy writing; quite a lot. I like bringing characters and places alive in peoples minds. It’s great fun making up new characters and working with old ones. I have many characters that I wrote with over three years and they are like my best friends. I know their lives backwards and forwards. I love them and they love me. Sometimes they lie dormat for several months on end and than one day they come back to life and we enjoy each other’s company.

You are now probably thinking I am some crazy woman, but sometimes the creations of a writer become more real to the writer than other people expect. I, for one, enjoy my friends of my mind. Sometimes it can be very lonely here….. and it’s nice to have the company of my pencil creations.



4 thoughts on “My History in Pencils

  1. I like writing more than drawing too. I think I’d love to draw if I was actually good at it. All I can do is color pages and *try* to stay in the line. LOL!! Just kidding…I can stay in the lines but free-hand drawings is tough for me.

  2. I love both writing and drawing the same. I’m only 13 so this might change later. They both do the same thing. They bring ideas to life. One does the imagining for you. The other tells you a simple story. The characters looking like whatever you imagine them to look like. At the same time they both have their flaws. When you’re stuck, and you have no idea what you want to come to life, you just sit there. They both can make YOU mad, but they give other people joy.

    1. You have an excellent point; sometimes one is easier for some people than others. But I’m so glad you are able to do both! Thanks for commenting!


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