My Keyboard Has Been Busy

NaNoWriMo has been going really good this week and I’ve been super excited! I’m several days ahead of schedule (WHICH IS AWESOME!) and I’ve been enjoying every minute.

I know everyone says that people want to quit by week two. All I’m thinking is that it has been going smoothly. I’ve easily been able to type out, on average, about 2,800 words every day without feeling like I’m spending too much time on it.

Today is day five, Saturday, and the amount of words I should have by now is 8,333. Tonight, after writing some of my first battle scenes from a castle wall, I’ve stopped with a grand total of 14,200! And the battle isn’t even over yet! 😀

I came into this a littler nervous not know how long just how long it took for my to churn out a hunk of words, because in all of my writing, I’ve never paid attention to my word count. I was always focused on how many pages was writing. So, I’ve never realized how many words I actually write when it comes to description (meager description) and dialogue. If I get two characters talking, I’ll shoot my word count high without even noticing.

I have figured out that when I’m not watching my word count, I can type faster and concentrate better. XD

Sometimes I feel like being more slow; the story might not be sticking to me. So, I’ll take a short break. Find some different music, look at couple pictures, ect. It’s also helped that on NaNo I’ve got a picture of Leia as my face. And Leia has a real, “Let’s get serious’ expression on her face, so I’ll sometimes get a kick in the rear from her watching me, “Come on, Jamie. Quit goofing off.”

Here is a snipped picture of my stats page. I really feel good for getting so ahead. I’ll feel much better if I miss a day or two because I know I’m about 4,000 words ahead.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m not sure if I’ll write tomorrow or not. I might take the day off, and than again I’ll probably have the next plot step figured out while I’m in the shower, so we’ll have to see.

So, that is my novel update, I’ll try to remember to do another one at the end of next week. We’ll see how everything is going than!


5 thoughts on “My Keyboard Has Been Busy

    1. Thank you! 😀

      LOL, firs time I’ve ever seen that!! I have a thing for big animals and creatures (which I why I cotton to Chewie, the Beast, Sully from Monster Inc, ect). So I LOVED that picture! Thanks for sharing it! 😀


  1. Ha, ha! That’s so funny about Leia kicking your rear! YEAH! *oh* I’m sorry Mauster. I thought it was funny because I am your weird little sis Padawan.
    Anyway! So cool you got so much written! I knew you were fast!

    1. Very funny, young padawan. I see you have much to learn….

      Thank you very much; I didn’t know you thought I was fast? Why don’t you tell me some of these things?!?!?


  2. Jamie, this was fun to read. When I did NaNo, I didn’t post things on-line, just took the challenge, so I didn’t see–perhaps at my age, don’t remember seeing!–the page you posted with your stats. That is amazing, and amazingly encouraging.

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