Five Star Leia

My five reasons for whole heartedly loving the galactic Princess. (Written two months ago. Publishing this today at request of my sister.)

This is in the answer to the question “Leia or Padme”. The answer is–yes, Leia. I do not know why Padme failed to really grab my interest or heart. But where she failed, Leia didn’t. Leia captured my imagination and admiration. And this post is about how I can whole heartedly love her.

Many of my friends at church all say one thing about Leia, “She’s too bossy!” They see her as a feministic, bossy young woman who pulled Han and Luke around by their noses throughout the first movie. I will agree that, if you are looking only at the surface, Leia does appear bossy and rude. And she was. But you must dig deeper into her story to understand why she was like that in the first story, because she certainly wasn’t so rude in the others. On the surface, she may appear completely out of whack with the Biblical roles of a woman. But as I have discovered, and am about to share in five points, she really isn’t.

One: Leia is a diplomatic leader; a senator. And while I don’t agree that woman shouldn’t run in the government, I do applaud her in that she was able to greatly help her father in the Rebellion. You must remember that it was her adopted father, Bail Organa, who was in head of the Rebellion. When we first see her on her captured ship, she claims to ‘be on a diplomatic mission’. And later we hear on the message on Artoo, that she was aiding her father; was being her father’s voice ‘And now he begs you to aid him in the struggle against the Empire’.

Two: Leia was bossy and sarcastic as soon as the boys rescued her, “This is some rescue” and “somebody’s gotta save our skins”. But look at the facts. She had just been tortured by a masked man and torture robot. She had been under intense interrogation. She had, that day, witnessed her home planet blow up. Not just her family, home, or home city, but PLANET. Suddenly she was all alone. How would you react if you saw Earth get blasted into rock chunks? Probably not the most cherry of attitudes.

Three: Leia was the one who knew the most about the situation. She KNEW what she was doing. Luke and Han didn’t have a plan for getting out and they didn’t know how huge the whole project was. I mean, they didn’t know Artoo was carrying the technical readouts for the Death Star. But Leia did. And considering she knew what needed to be done, it makes logical sense for her to take charge.

Fourth: Some of my friends might say that Leia shouldn’t be a part of the Rebellion; that she should be home. Normally, I would agree except for one slip up. SHE HAD NO HOME. Alderaan was blown to bits and she was the only survivor of that planet. The only home she had was the Rebel bases, and the only living family was her Rebel commanders and friends. Not only that, she was carrying on as the leader of the Rebellion in her deceased father’s place. And it’s not like she was this lonely girl, destitute and by herself. At the least, she was accompanied by Artoo and C-3PO and it’s obvious Luke and Han took care of her too. And the many Rebel Commanders took care of her as well, I’m sure. Her family was now the Rebel Army. She WAS home.

Five: Some might say Leia was feministic. And, depending on how you look at her, she can look like it. I always look for the good in things before I go criticizing them. And Leia, with her faults, is really a feminine woman. Come on, wearing pants doesn’t make you a feminist! Shooting weapons doesn’t make you a feminist! Leia worked in the line of duty, she needed to wear pants. And being a good shot can save your life. It’s not like she never needed rescuing. She always had help, but she never made herself a burden. And I think the happy side of her is hidden in the movies because she is under a lot of pressure, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse in the grin that this is a young woman that has more in her life than battle plans and Rebel armies.

This is my defense for loving Leia with a whole heart. You do not have agree with me, but please. Stop telling me Leia is a sassy push-over and be quiet. Keep your opinion by all means, but I’m tired of hearing it.

To me, she’s nothing but a Princess.

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “Five Star Leia

  1. I always liked Leia. She is one of the few movie heroines I lke Leia, Sarah Conners(Terminator movie) and Trinity(The Matirx movie) are my favorites. I don’t know why anyone would dislike her. And she is funny.

    1. Thanks, James! I have a hard time understanding why my friends don’t like her either! You’re correct, she is very funny! Especially with Han! XD


  2. Leia is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. You made some great points about her too!! I love her outfits (minus the metal bikini)…Hoth Leia is the best!!

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