Goofy = Goofy

I think the title says it all. 🙂

I remember this one: the hat, the lady, the fish bowl, the giggling rabbit, the bull, and the palm tree. I think I was probably a little bewildered when I was younger. This cartoon is also a good example of music helping to tell the story.

I think what I remember best of this one was the sound of the doorbell!

Kayla actually remembers this one; we both vividly remember the part where he goes to get the water in the cup! I think Junior is so cute!

I only found this one recently; after much searching. I really remember the part with the cars all lined up and than the octopus. I don’t know how one could forget the octopus anyway.


This seems to ring true rather oddly….

I like this one because I can relate to it; I walk a huge dog myself and I love him to pieces, even though he’s the most spoiled dog in the universe.

Totally remembered this! I remember laughing hysterically over the part of the torch burning up!

When I first started trying to recall the different shows that I remember seeing, the very, very, very first one I remember was this one. Isn’t that weird?

I love tigers, but this one is kinda weird! LOL. That elephant is cute too.

I like this one because it’s so true; and it’s a spoof of the Jekyll and Hyde persona. If you didn’t know, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde is my most favorite book of literature ever. 😀

I drove myself nuts trying to remember what this one was called so I could look it up on You Tube. I ended up finding the title in a Disney film Encyclopedia from the library. I like how it’s set in ancient times but there’s a new reporter talking! Great combination!

*Sighs* I need to catch my breath from laughing!



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