My Favorites

Jedi-Chick asked, “What is your favorite color, animal, time of year?” So, I decided I just hit as many of my favorites as I can think of, starting with the first three she mentioned. 😀 Vellvin also asked several favorite questions, so the are here as well.

Favorite Color: Purple (future color post coming up about that). Runners up are aqua blue and pink.

Favorite Animal: Tigers. Tigers have been my favorite animals for a long time now. Read number nine on THIS post for why. 🙂 Runners up are horses, dogs, killer whales and polar bears.

Favorite Time of Year: I actually have two favorite times. Christmas time, and than the month of July. I love July because it’s my birthday, Kayla’s birthday, the homeschool convention, ect. I love Christmas time because. . . . .well, I shouldn’t have to explain that one!

Bible Favorites: Verse: Phillippians 4:8, which is at the top of my sidebar. Chapter: Psalm 18. Book: Proverbs.

Favorite Season: Winter. That’s when we get decent weather out and it’s not 115 degrees out! We can have nice winter grass and go around barefoot. Plus–Christmas!

Favorite Foot Wear: Flip Flops for all year round. A good pair of sneakers is essential. And highheels are really cute (but I don’t get to wear them.)

Favorite Clothing Style: I’m casual. Give me twirly skirt with my softest Star Wars shirt and I’m happy. Maybe in the winter I’ll get some long knee length socks that are stripped. I think that would be so awesome. Mom’s only restrictions to my outfits is that they should be modest and that they match. So that’s easy for me.

Favorite Ice Cream: Thrifty’s Mint n’ Chip. I could eat it forever and never get sick of it. And that’s actually true because we’ll buy the huge container from Business Costco and eat it all month and I still love it when it’s near the bottom of the bucket.

Favorite Meal: Hamburgers with jello salad, BBQ chips, and potato salad.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: I have two. Freeze tag. The Legacy Gang’s staple sport, something I’ve been playing for over four years. I think I count as a veteran master of the game. You can pick up quite a few tricks when you’ve played as many games as I have. And second, a game that doesn’t really have a title because The Boys made it up. But I get to be sheriff and arrest everyone who misbehaves so that’s a hoot!

Favorite TV Show: ‘I Love Lucy’, which we are making our way through. And two of our chickens are now named Lucy and Ethel. Runner up is The Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Trilogy: Star Wars. Hands down. Runner up is the Toy Story Trilogy.

Favorite Hero: Robin Hood. Runners up are Captain America, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca

Favorite Heroine: Princess Leia. Runner up is Belle.

Favorite Animated Films: Monsters Inc, Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story’s 2 and 3, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmations, Rescuers 1 and 2, The Prince of Egypt, and Jonah (Veggietales).

Favorite Disney Princess: Belle. Runners up are Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Favorite Disney Tumblr: Disney Screecaps. BEST place ever! They have entire films screen caped!

Favorite Star Wars Tumblr: the Millennium Falcon. I went through the whole thing in one day–it was so awesome. About million screecaps on that site too. 😀

Favorite Board Game: I like the old fashioned Monopoly and Candyland, for sentimental reasons. We don’t play games that often anymore, but I enjoyed playing these (or pretending to!) when I was little!

Favorite Flower:  Roses! No, that’s not cliche! I love roses, they’re elegant, beautiful and they smell amazing! God is so masterful in His creation!

Favorite Books: I’ll only mention one because it’s a classic and a great favorite of mine. It’s Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr Jykell and Mr Hyde”

Favorite Fast Food Resturaunt: Panda Express! I could eat their orange chicken and eggrolls forever and not get sick of it! Gah, it’s so delicious!

Forever-Favorite Kids Movie: Eeeekh, so hard to pick! Defineatly Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmations, and Monsters Inc. I’ll love those three forever!



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