My Third Blog Award

One of the neat things about blogging is being in the blogging community. You meet people who have the same interests as you and you can leave comments on each others blogs. Another cool thing people do is pass on award to their favorite bloggers and friends. I received the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ from Vellvin. In turn, I must pass the award on to FIVE other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading. And the rules to accept this award is to share seven things about myself.

First, I want to say thank you very much, Vellvin, for giving me this award! I great appreciate it!!!!

Now, for seven different things:

1. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle. My second favorite is Cinderella. My third favorite is Rapunzle.

2. I have squirted whip cream straight into my mouth. Just a little bit.

3. I have a fancy for those raspberry-blackberry candies (which I cannot remember what their called).

4. I have never seen or read LotR or Narnia. Harry Potter is way off my list as well.

5. I have only been a Star Wars fan for only ten months!

6. I have a Captain America poster on my wall. I also have a Toy Story poster on my wall as well. And about five Star Wars posters. 😛

7.  My favorite sports movie is ‘Rudy’.

And to now list five bloggers who’s blogs I really enjoy. 🙂

My sister, Kayla. I hope she has a fun time blogging and gets some nice followers.

Jedi-Chick who runs To Thine Own Self Be True. She’s a super huge Star Wars fan and is a really fun blogger! Her blog is lots of fun to read!

Savanna who has her blog Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, Oh My! She’s a big Star Wars fan too and she does some great posts about the different characters. She also been so kind with all her comments!

Oh course, to my first blogging friend, EFC at Misadventures of a Composer in Training. She loves music and she likes Yoda! 😀

And I want to also give this award to one of my newer favorite blogs, Aubrey Hansen, who runs her writing blog. She’s published her first novella (WHICH IS AN AMAZING SCI-FI STORY!) I love reading her world-building posts!

Well, that sums up that. I’m now putting my award on my awards page! Yay!


9 thoughts on “My Third Blog Award

  1. Awww!! Thanks for awarding me!

    P.S.- I’ve never seen LOTR, or Harry Potter either. I know they could never beat Star Wars in epicness.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

      *gasps* I’m so happy; I thought my sister and I were the only people on earth who hadn’t seen LotR! 😀 We’re not alone!


      1. LOL!! I’ve only seen the first Narnia movie too. I wasn’t impressed so I haven’t watched the 2nd and 3rd ones. 😛

        My brother watched LOTR a few years ago and summed up the entire plot of the series in about 15 seconds. Ha ha ha!! It didn’t sound very interesting.

  2. Your welcome 😀
    Um, LOTR is rather good although a LOT different from star wars and is actually pretty cool and the first Narnia movie is actually a bit dull compared to the other two but the books for Narnia by C. S. Lewis are good as well whereas the LOTR books are only interesting to people who have watched the movies and want to know everything about Middle Earth. 🙂
    My four favourite film series are Star wars, LOTR, Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean.
    The best Narnia movie is Prince Caspian. 🙂

    1. I’ve heard LotR is really good, it’s just that I’ve not seen it. 🙂 I would like to someday, though. Right now, Star Wars is a big enough fandom for me. 🙂


  3. I would highly recommend Lord of the Rings it has good Christian symbolism and they are the only movies even close to Star Wars. Narnia is OK but not great. Thumb up for Star Wars and Captain America poster! 🙂

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