My Favorite Actors (and Actresses)

So, I think it would be fitting to end my Movie Month with my favorite people who bring my favorite film characters alive! Without their incredible acting… the movies would probably not be my favorites! Praise God for good actors!*

While I could never put them in order of favorites, I do have a top favorite. Mostly because I’ve loved his film roles and I read his autobiography. His life story is amazing. And he plays one of my most favorite fictional characters for all times; Sherlock Holmes. Please meet Basil Rathbone.

By the way, he looks amazing in a top hat. Yes, everybody, I realize that my favorite actor is from the 30’s and 40’s. I’m old-school, and I watch old movies (not just because they’re classic, but because they’re also less defiling, by a long shot). Basil Rathbone preformed as Sherlock Holmes in fourteen films, and played a host of villains in many of the Warner Brother’s films. He had a fascinating life of stage and screen. He was named the best swordsman of Hollywood, but because he played villains, he almost never was shown winning! He and his wife would two be people I would have loved to meet!

Basil in 'Captain Blood' playing a French pirate-like captain. He spoke the accent beautifully, but I always laugh because he sounds so different!
I don't care what my friends say or think. I love Basil's version of Holmes; I think I will always prefer his version. Besides that, he LOOKS like actual Holmes drawings from the books! Seriously, he looks more like Holmes than any other actor I've seen (and include Jeremy Brett in that statement)!
Did I mention I find him pretty attractive too? I blame him completely for making me like black hair on gentlemen (woe is me, for most of the black-haired film stars from the films I've seen are villains! Hmm that explains why I like Masala from Ben-Hur....).

Okay, I’ve kept from spamming the blog with a million shots of Mr Rathbone. Since I’ve got out some of my steam, I think I’ll shoot off onto some of my other favorite actors. Remember. In no particular order, although you will tell who I like better by how much I rant about them!

Enter Mark Hamil, the kid that brought one of America’s greatest icons to life. I love Luke Skywalker, he will remain one of my heroes for the rest of my life. Mark did a fantastic job in acting. Get this; a lot of people say that Yoda would not have passed for more than a puppet in the theaters if it hadn’t been for Mark’s excellent acting skills. I love this guy to pieces!

Unlike many of my favorite actors, Mark is still alive! I hope I can meet him in person one day to say how much I love him and Luke Skywalker, and maybe get him to sign VHS box or two!

Oh My Word. There is something wonderful about Charlton Heston that I might never put my finger down. It might be from faint childhood memories of seeing him as the young, handsome Moses from the Ten Commandments. A huge part in certainly from the fact that he plays Judah Ben-Hur, one of my top heroes in fiction. I think he’s an excellent actor and I hope I can see more of his films in the future!

The story Ben-Hur captured my heart, imagination and love when I first heard the FOTF Radio Theater production. I love the story and characters! And the moment we started the movie on our TV, I knew I was watching a movie I would love for the rest of my life. The film it's self had won 11 awards and was one of the most amazing films I'd ever seen. And the main character was supremely played by Charlton. It was the first time I really thought of him as wonderful actor.

Harrison Ford…. I know he’s played half a million characters over the years and I know he’s best known for Indiana Jones (I will watch those films! I will!) But I will always see him as Han Solo. He played that character so perfectly. It was such a good combination, risk-taking rascal with the goodhearted youngster and dignified royalty. Harrison really brought Han to sparkling life and did an excellent job at it!!

Han Solo goes through his own character growth through the Star Wars Trilogy, though much more subtle than Luke's growth. However there's enough portrayed by Harrison to show him change from the selfish smuggler to self-sacrificing Rebel leader.

Errol Flynn. Basically, he’s the face of the my number one hero of all fiction, Robin Hood. I loved his Robin Hood film, but that wasn’t the first film of his that I saw. My first Flynn film was Sante Fe Trail, in which he starred along side Ronald Reagen. While Errol didn’t lead a virtuous life by any means, it doesn’t stop me from loving his charming, manly heroes. His films like Captain Blood, the Sea Hawk, Robin Hood, Dodge City and Sante Fe Trail are favorites of mine, and in each one he plays a gentleman and a hero.

Kayla and I love Errol Flynn and Olivia De Haviland as couple. They starred together in over seven films. They're absolutely adorable together. We both get very upset when we see Errol paired with any other actress than Olivia (example being 'The Sea Hawk')
*squeals uncontrollably* Errol and Basil! Oh, did they make great clashes as hero and villain! They're sword fight in Robin Hood is one of my most favorite scenes in film history!
Yep, there's my number one hero for all time: that is, until Prince Courage comes around.

Anthony Daniels probably had the hardest time of maybe any actor of all film history. Locked inside the gleaming suit of a human cyborg relations, he spent lonely hours inside his suit which was quite painful. But he came back to play that character for six different films! Threepio *shines* as one of Star Wars’ best characters and greatly loved by devote fans. Anthony perservered through the hard days of playing Threepio and did a wonderful job providing that amazing voice as well!! Thank you so much for wearing that dreadful suit to provide such an entertaining and delightful character, Anthony! 😀

I loved reading Anthony's recounting tales of the difficulty playing Threepio and living in the metal suit. He told one very amusing story from the making of Ep IV. He had a little headpiece inside his helmet which transmitted other actor's voices through a microphone so he could hear when it was his turn to give his lines. The microphones which stayed on between takes picked up any sound that was close the actor wearing it. He said he overhead many outrages pieces of gossip through that little headpiece during those days of filming! 😀

John Wayne is a man’s man. Tough, sturdy, manly and pretty witty! I’ve heard it said that he’s made more movies than any other actor! I know he started acting when he was a very young man and acted in some more recent films as a very old man! Some of my favorite films of his Rio Bravo and Rooster Cogburn.

I understand Wayne won an award playing the role Rooster Cogburn in 'True Grit'. His sequel, 'Rooster Cogburn and that Lady' is my second favorite western of all time. His character is colorful, loud, funny and manly, like all his characters. But with a little extra spice.

Who other actress can I talk about here but Carrie Fisher. Not many actresses and their characters will ever compare to Carrie and her beautiful performance as Princess Leia, in my point of view. Carrie, like Mark, did an outstanding job in her acting during the Star Wars series. Unlike Natalie Portman, who was unable to make much of a bond to me as Padme, Carrie had built a connection between me and her character Leia that was so strong  that by the end of Ep IV, I considered her an amazing heroine. By the end of Empire Strikes Back, anything that happened to Leia had total effect on me, because of Carrie’s excellent acting.

The character, Leia, will remain an inspiration and favorite for the rest of my days. She is a great example of knowing one's game plan and keeping control of one's emotions through difficult times. And also being able to do things that need to be done, whether it be better for a boy to do it or not. Once again, Carrie Fisher is still alive and I would love to meet her as well to give her a hug and say thank you for portraying one of my role models. Oh, and did I mention I think she's absolutely beautiful?

You all read my huge post on the Hercule Poirot Series. Here’s the man who brings Poirot to life! It would make me so happy to be able to meet David Suchet someday! He does an incredible job acting Poirot; it’s as if he IS Poirot! It’d practically be a sin to do this post without him on it! Or at least, Kayla would tare my to pieces if I didn’t. 😛

Hercule Poirot is my second favorite detective for all time! His stories are complex and greatly ammusing at the same time. I absolutely adore both Poirot and Mr Suchet!

Ewan McGregor shot onto this list after seeing him as Obi-Wan in Star Wars Ep I. TOTALLY rocked the part and continued to rock in the next two films! He did an amazing job because I had never liked the Obi-Wan character that much from the Originals. So, to have my opinion of Obi-Wan changed over the span of a single film ( ‘The Phantom Menace) by his acting surprised even myself! Obi-Wan is now my most favorite character from the Prequels and I could never see him being played by anyone than Ewan.

Obi-Wan is one of the bright sides of Prequel series. He's both uplifting morally and it's easy to cheer for him! It's amazing watching him go from Padawan to Jedi-Knight to Jedi Master (and than Luke's tutor)!

Hayden Christensen; I’ve already spoken on why I think he’s a good actor, primarily from Revenge of the Sith. I’ll recap it here. I think it takes a good actor to show the reactions and emotions of someone while doing it surrounded by blank walls. The character Anakin was a young man ravaged by hate, love, confusion, pride, despair, and suffering. And I think Hayden did a tremendous job acting that character!

Anakin Skywalker; the Chosen One. Destoryer of liberty but father of freedom fighters. Better known as Darth Vadar. Portrayed by Hayden Christensen.

You didn’t think I could end without mentioning my latest favorite, did you? Chris Evan portrayed Steve Rogers, the main character of ‘Captain America, The First Avenger’. And did a SUPERB job of it. Chris did an amazing job playing the humble superhero of Marvel’s incrediable film and made me just love the film intensely. He looked the part and carried the part well. (Also, the computer people did an excellent job shrinking his body for the first half of the film! It looked super real!) I could never see Captain America as anyone else but Chris!

I haven’t yet come to a close yet! I have some HONORABLE MENTIONS! 😀

Jay Baruchel, voice of Hiccup from 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Let me just say real quck that this guy DID AN AMAZING JOB!
James Earl Jones: The incrediable voice of Darth Vadar
Stephen Boyd; Masala, villain of Ben-Hur (yes, he is an honorable mention in my book! xD)
Henry Fonda: for his performance in "Drums Along the Mohawk"
Nigel Bruce: for his hilarious performances as Dr Watson
Hugh Fraser: Captain Hastings of the Hercule Poirot series.
Cary Grant: while he's not in any of my very favorite films, I really enjoy his performances!
Dean Martin: for his performance as "Dude" in John Wayne's "Rio Bravo"
Michael Landon: Pa from 'Little House on the Prairie'!

I think that is a good conclusion to Movie Month!

Makes me want to go see them all again!

*I don’t agree with everything these actors do or have done. They are on my favorite list because of the characters they’ve portrayed and their acting skills.



15 thoughts on “My Favorite Actors (and Actresses)

  1. *Faints* *dies* *laughs* *cries* *chills* *oversteams*…. *screams*!!!! I couldn’t have said it any better. Your best post yet!!!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!! Yes I am screaming for Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. As far as I’m concerned Erroll Flynn can go in the actors shelf of ‘so what’ but I like his films a lot. You are right about Heston’s face bringing up child hood memories and good feelings about when I was young. I HAVE TO DO THIS TOO!!!!!!!! (Thanks for putting Poirot on)

  2. Great post!!
    I’ve seen some of the Errol Flynn movies but not in quite a few years. Must get the Robin Hood from the library! Hayden Christen did a great job as Anakin and Ewan McGregor did a great job as well!!
    Hiccup is a great character as well!! 😀

  3. Nice choices!!! I agree about Hayden. Most people didn’t like him in the prequels but, it’s got to be extremely hard to act when you’re surrounded by blue and green walls.

    I’ve met Anthony Daniels before, he’s a pretty cool guy. He really seems to love his character, which is a nice quality.

    1. Yay, I’m glad you agree! I think it would be really difficult!!!!!!

      WOW you got to meet Anthony Daniels?!?!?!?!? *faints-dies-faints* Way to go! Yes, he does seem to really enjoy Threepio which is great. It’s better than despising a character you’ve played (Basil Rathbone got sick of playing Sherlock Holmes, which I still morn over). 😀


  4. No, I haven’t met them but my brother met Carrie Fisher last year!!

    I’ve met:
    Ashley Eckstein (and her husband, David)
    James Arnold Taylor
    Dave Filoni
    Jay Lagia’a
    Peter Mayhew
    Tom Kane
    Anthony Daniels

    Hmm, I thought I had one more person in there. Well, anyways, I hope to meet Carrie and Mark someday!!

    1. PETER MAYHEW? I’d LOVE to meet him, being the obsessive Chewbacca fan that I am!!!

      I hope I can meet them too! 😀 You have quite a list; so very awesome! 😀


      1. Not to burst your bubble but, Peter Mayhew was a complete jerk. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. It’s a very long story, if you want to hear it, email me.

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