Captian America: a Film Review

You all can guess; yes, my sister finally got to see Captain America. Which means I can now do a film review! Mom took her to theaters last night to see it, and I tagged along. I paid for my own ticket and everything. I was so excited, this is the first time that I’ve actually gotten to go back to the theater to rewatch the same movie. I’m defienetly glad it got to be this one (now would it hurry up and come out on DVD?!?!?!?!!!!!!)

Captain America isn’t your average war film. And it’s not your average superhero film either. It has an amazing ‘realness’ feel to it, even with all the sci-fi weapons. It’s surprisingly ‘clean’, for a PG-13 movie. There are no really bad swear words and hardly anything that ‘sensual’, at least that bothered me. There is violence (of course) but nothing gory at all! The heroes are people you can actually cheer for without feeling guilty and the villain is as close to Satan-looking as you might get (after Darth Maul, of course! Darth Maul has horns.) It has humor, it has perils, it has epicness and it has GREAT music! I think I can say that, outside of the Star Wars Saga, Captain America is the best film I’ve seen this year!

I’ll say it now, I give this film a full FIVE stars. And I asked Kayla if she would give it five stars. She said yes, and then said, “Wait no!” She walked up to me and said with this grinning face. “Six!”  So… that says something!

The main attraction, of course, is Steve Rogers/Captain America. Steve is used to standing up for what he believes is right; he stood up to the giants way before he got near a battlefield. He also has the wisdom in why he fights. He’s not against the German’s personally. He doesn’t like bullies, and he doesn’t care where they come. Long before becoming his super size, he shows his inner strength on the training grounds and impressing those in authority over him

Agent Peggy Carter is one of main characters; she eventually becomes Steve’s love interest. The romance aspect of this film is on the minor side, which was good because it can be awkward when the romance takes over the film. She was an special agent, and though she was a part of the army, she was still distinctly feminine. She has an amazing shot, too!

The German doctor (can anyone tell me his name???!!!) was a great character. He was the man who refined the chemical that was used to make Steve (and Red Skull) super men. I loved his wisdom in hunting for a man who was self-sacrificing and good.  He was very endearing.

Red Skull. *shudders* EPIC villain! And really revolting. Which is good, because villains should be revolting. Okay. ‘Nuff said about him!

Words fail me at this point. There’s so much amazing, awesome stuff packed into this film. The powerful crystal was cool. The Star Spangled Man show is so fun! The prison rescue was awesome. Captain’s motorcycle is the word EPIC.

All I can say is that if your over thirteen, watch it! It will be worth it!

*middle shot* Each one you buy is a bullet in your best man's gun!"

PS. I’m jumping on the band wagon of feverishly excited fans in waiting for the Avengers. I’m going to see if I can get Mom let me watch Thor before it comes out. It’s going to be one epic film and I can’t wait to see what happens to Steve! ‘Avengers’, please hurry up! ~Jamie

14 thoughts on “Captian America: a Film Review

  1. Awesome review! I agree with you 100%! Captain America is best! The pic are awesome and very high quality! 🙂 The name of the doctor is Dr. Abraham Erskine. I watched Thor yesterday and loved it almost as munch as Captain America! I will post the reivew for Thor tomarrow. btw Thor was just as clean as Captain America except in Thor very few humans are killed.

    1. Thanks for the comment!!! THAT’S his name!!! Arggg, I just couldn’t remember it! Thank you very much!

      *gasps* I’ll look forward to your review! I’m glad it’s clean, it will be easier to get my mom to let me watch it if it is! Thanks a ton!


      1. About Thor vs. Captain America: I(James) and my brother Jacob like Captain America a little more but my Father, Monther and friend liked Thor more but they are really close. Thanks for the ideas the lists. I will be making one of the next week. 🙂

      2. Cool, I’m glad you liked the idea. I think they will be really close, but I have a feeling I will still love the Captain a bit more. He’s just so awesome!!!!! 😀


  2. I agree, after Star Wars this is on my top 10 favorite movies list. It had good morals, good action, good twists, good effects, good filming, good characters, good acting, good music and…. am I forgetting something… well, what more can you ask for? It makes me feel excited and patriotic too! 🙂 Thanks for waiting on me to post this.

  3. I can’t wait for this to comeout on DVD so I can see it!!!
    Watched Thor yesterday and it was pretty cool and rather clean too. 🙂
    I want to see Captain America!! And the Avengers! 😀

  4. I really enjoyed Captain America as well. I appreciated that he was chosen as a superhero because of his character and integrity–that’s rare to find in a movie these days. Although I wonder if superhero movies are beginning to move a bit more in that direction. I found Thor to be focused on building character as well. Thor starts out lacking in that department, but amid the action, the movie focuses on his inward transformation. It’s enough to make me quite excited about the upcoming Avengers film, which will feature Captain America, Thor, and more. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the long comment! I hope more movies begin to focus on the inside of people and not just their appearance and social status. I can’t wait to see Thor; we have it on hold at the library. I’ve heard a lot of good about it, so I’m hoping for the best! 😀

    1. *GAAAASPS* Somebody get to me to a store!!!! I want that movie right now! *shrieks uncontrollably*

      Thanks for informing me, I’m sure you can tell I appreciate it! 😀


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