Our Chickens

Today I wanted to do that chicken post I promised everyone! Meet the girls! 🙂 Oh, you will note that only five of them are in this picture above. We have six total. 🙂 Their Rode Island Reds, and their almost eight months old. We’re getting about five eggs a day, and we’re filling our egg cartons up fast!

Here is the sixth one, hiding out in one of the compartments. I was guessing that she was thinking about laying an egg, but that could just be a guess.

We’ve at last named them: Mine is Mrs Shin (from The Music Man), Mom’s is Aunt Bee (from the Andy Griffith Show), Nathan’s is Princess Leia (ha, ha, yes from Star Wars!!!!), Dad named his Miss Lemon (From the Hercule Poirot Series) and Kayla named the other two Lucy and Ethel.  LOL

Aunt Bee is the only chicken with white feathers in her tail. Ethel is at the bottom of the ‘pecking order’, she gets picked on. Mrs Shin is the head chicken, she struts around and is very bossy. Miss Lemon, Lucy and Princess Leia are kinda middle dogs–er, chickens. 😛



8 thoughts on “Our Chickens

    Seriously Jamie!!!!!! I have Chickens too. 😉 We have 12 bantams, (Mini Chickens!) and they're names are…..
    Marigold, Poppy, Posey, Pippin, Sweetpea, Buttercup, Sunny, Daisy, Millie~Padme (that one's mine!), Hazel, Rue and Primrose. 😉 We've got six barred rocks, one cochin, one mille-fleur d'uccle and four silkies. 😉
    LOVE THIS POST. 😀 I love your girls!!! And I know ALL ABOUT pecking orders. XD Marigold is the top hen, and Pippin or Sweetpea is at the bottom. ;P LOL! This was so sweet!

    *hugs post and chickens* 😀

    Jedi~Chick, who is too lazy to sign into her WordPress account. XD

  2. Yay!! The long anticipated chicken post is finally here!!

    I love all of these pictures. They are so cute!! The name Leia is very awesome too.

    My family has talked about getting chickens but we haven’t done it yet. The idea of fresh eggs is very appealing though.

  3. Miss Lemon is under Mrs. Shin on the order, though she thinks she’s top. She is the loudest of all. Princess Leia is the middle dog. Lucy almost bottom chicken.

    1. Ah, thank you for clearing that up, Kayla. By the way, everyone, Kayla has done a fantastic job taking care of the chickens, even though they seem like sworn enemies! LOL


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