Explanation For November Disappeance

So, you all probably know that I’ve joined NaNoWriMo this year and will be super busy during November.

But, for friends and, at the request of the J&J brothers, I’m going to explain it better, share a writing tip, and my first teaser for my book!

What is NaNoWriMo

Well, that name stands for National November Writing Month. You all know (or should know) by now that one of my favorite things to do as a past time is write stories and novels. Well, NaNoWriMo is a month long challenge for aspiring and wanna-be writers. The plan? Write 500,000 words for your novel between November 1st and November 30th. I understand this challenge can make for a gruesome, painful month. But if you stick to it, at the end you have the first draft of your novel, ready for editing.

While I’m not specifically feeling geared to write ALL 500,000 words (THAT’S A LOT!) what I really want to accomplish is simply get the first draft of my fantasy/allegorical/adventure story out of my head and onto my computer. I’ll be happy getting from ‘Once Upon a Time’ to ‘Happily Ever After’, even without writing up to 500,000. I NEED,NEED NEED to get this written, it’s been on my TO DO list all year and I’ve just been putting it off and putting it off. If I do that anymore it will never get written.

Thankfully, I have my Mom’s permission to take this commitment. I also have a friend who has agreed to be my cheerleader through the month (she’ll also get to read my story as it gets scribbled out first hand, it will no doubt be filled with grammatic and spelling errors!)

This week I began to fill out a outline; and here comes my writing tip, which is pure amazingness! Write your outline on 3X5 Index cards, one part at a time. That way you can move your acts and different plots around with ease! I did it, at least most of it. Mom gave me some index cards. I sat at my computer for a few mintues, and I couldn’t move my pencil. So, I turned on “Ocean Princess” my book’s big theme song, and scribbled out, “Rockwell Decrees ‘Tax'”. I threw that card down on my keyboard, and wrote on the next car, “Lavington and Lavina Get Married.” Than followed, “Rockwell Schemes Vengence” “Lavington Meets With Cass” and “Lavina is Kidnapped.” (These scenes are all part of the first ‘act’.) I wrote down all the parts that I had figured out and than went down to the table and laid them out. I could now visually see where the gaps in my story were.

And one of my problems were fixed. If I could do this down to detail, I’d be able to see what part of my story needed more filler or more explanation or more depth. I was so excited as I began to write up cards to place in the gaps.

I now am fairly confident with were I want my story to go. I even got this little teaser written; my first teaser that I’m actually very happy with.

PLEASE READ and tell me what you think!

I don't what the deal is; I just really like these masks. And they don't have anything to do with the story . . . . . oh wait, no. I think I've just been hit with inspriation!

The kingdom has slipped into one of it’s darkest chapters as Sir Rockwell, an arrogant prince, is placed in a position of power by the traitors of Kingdom’s court. Rockwell wants recognition, and power as king over Kingdom, hoping to take over completely before the true King returns to the land. But what he lacks is a army of knights to help keep his power. And to build and supply for these knights, he needs a constant flow money.

If it had been taxation, it might have been a little different. But Rockwell decreed outright every man of the Kingdom had to give 40 percent of the income and objects of craftsmanship. The majority of the Kingdom, too frightened to protest to the monster in control, gave what they could to save their families from death. But panic began to sweep the land.

However, many people at the far side of the Kingdom, many of the more wealthier noblemen, were inclined to resist. Not because they don’t want to lose their riches. But because the righteous men of that corner of the Kingdom has refused to hand over treasury to false, wicked men who want to take their King’s Kingdom.

Sir Lavington is the young son of the deceased but greatly loved Lord Bullmark, a great adventurer of the early days of the Kingdom. Sir Lavington had the wealth and power of his father, and also his heart of loyalty and goodness to rightful King of the Kingdom. Steadfast alongside him is his mentor, his mother, and his best friend, Cass, a man of peasant status but nobleman at heart.  And, of course, his new bride, Lavina, daughter of the legendary knight Sir Beau, who had been his father’s best friend. To back them all up is Lavina’s childhood guardian, Sir Rich, and ancient knight who had mentor both Lavina’s and Lavington’s fathers and gone with them on their many adventures.

These noble people, joined as a family, refused to bow to Rockwell’s demand, and their example caused many others to do the same.

Rockwell schemed for vengeance, for a way to make Sir Lavington bend his knee in surrender, so that the rest of the Kingdom would fall to his paws. And the only way he could see to accomplish that was to put the one who Lavington loved the most in danger.

The kidnapping of the Princess Lavina was plotted.

And the real adventure began.

(c) Jamie Joyce, 2011


10 thoughts on “Explanation For November Disappeance

  1. Your story sounds SO COOL!!!! 😀 😉
    I did junior one year but it kind of didn’twork out because it was only 5,000 ords and even that was a struggle for me 🙂
    Don’t worry though even if you don’t make the word count you still will have an awesome story to edit!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Vellvin!

      That’s what I’m thinking too! As long as I get the story done, I won’t worry too much about writing all those words. 🙂


  2. Dude, you like, started reading it to me and then- stopped! I am like waiting…
    🙂 I hope you have fun and get it done too. AND you have to finish reading it to me!

    1. Kayla, stopping be a little weirdo. By the way, I’m starting over. So, whatever you heard doesn’t count anymore! 🙂 Yes, I’ll will read it to you when it’s finished.


      1. Because you’re suppose to start form scratch. And anyway, I’ve changed the beginning, so I need to start over at any rate. 🙂


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