Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale. They’re, like, two of the most famous animated characters—ever. They’re known for being a pain in the side for Donald. The three of them together are a recipe for side-splinting laughter and hilarity.

I don’t remember seeing this one when I was little, but I still love it. I love the part with the box!

This is one of the first ones I remembered when I thought: “Cartoons”. I think it must be because this episode was on the video tape that I must have seen the most. The helicopter, the apple cores, the gas masks, and the chicken eating the little candy-like bomb.

Her is another one of those memory triggers. I distinctively remember the power shovel!

This one really made me laugh! Donald’s stubbornness matched against them makes disaster! I love how you can just understand the two and they still sound like chipmunks.

I laughed pretty hard during this one. Especially since we have chickens. Dale was so brave trying to stick to his chicken persona.

Are they not cute in that little house?!?!?!?!?!

I really love this one because it’s a spoof of ‘The Lone Ranger’, which was mine and Kayla’s first TV show as teens. We LOVED Tonto and the Lone Ranger and their adventures. So I was super excited to find a spoof with Chip and Dale. This is also one of the most hilarious shows. “Sunnyside up!”

I remember this. I remember this. I was sitting trying to remember the different cartoons. And I kept seeing this shot in my mind of a girl chipmunk standing in front of a sparkling green curtain singing. And, I totally remember this cartoon from my three year old mind. And it’s a huge favorite of mine!

Which is your favorite?



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