The Prince of Egypt

I would like to bring to light an old Dreamwork’s film, a very old favorite mine, The Prince of Egypt.

I saw the Prince of Egypt back when I was about seven. I saw it a few times at friends houses, but my parents never bought it, so for a very long time the movie was like a special treat. I loved the wild colors of the animation. I liked the characters; they were interesting. And they had been real life people! But what I loved most was the music. The songs made me glow with their radiance, and the music lifted me up high into the clouds. I treasured our little story tape of it that had most of the songs on it; I was nearly heartbroken when we lost it.

A year ago I found the an old VHS tape of the film, and bought it for a dollar. It now has my name on it and will go with me to my own home when I get married, along with the other movies I’ve bought.

It is, of course, the dramatized, animated version of the story of Moses. What I love best about this version is how the relationship between Ramemees  and Moses’ brother relationship. Unlike in the Ten Commandments, where the two brothers were shown as enemies right off the bat, this film showed the two as good friends who rose in power and made trouble together. So later in the film, when they become enemies, the break between them is much sharper because it was like they were brothers.

While I wish Tziporrah was a little more modest, I liked her character a lot. Strong, spunky and able to take care of herself (to my church friends who would want to think that is a bad thing, I would like to point out that she when she escaped, she went right back to her family)! She is also very pretty. I like her better than Miriam, who acted like a brat a couple times. She also didn’t have as strong build of character, so I much prefer Tzipoorah.

A strong point of the film, like I already mentioned, is the score and songs. ‘Deliver Us’ ‘Heaven’s Eyes’ ‘When You Believe’ and ‘The Plagues’ both strengthen the story and can certainly hold a candle to any Disney tune.  They are also songs of actual Biblical events and full of biblical truth; an added bonus!

Overall, I highly recommend this film. It has intense scenes, so it’s not for younger children. Just be forewarned.

Rating: PG

Pace: fast, strong, interesting



4 thoughts on “The Prince of Egypt

  1. WOW!!! This movie looks EPIC! 😀 I really want to see it…..especially since I’m currently doing Ancient Cultures in homeschool. 😉 We JUST finished up Egypt, and are now doing other cultures from the Bible!

    Great post, I really want to see this movie now! 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen Prince of Egypt in years, so this post brings back some memories. 🙂 The songs do certainly stick with you. And though it departs from the Biblical account in some places (like Zipporah showing up in Egypt before she married Moses), it still powerfully captures the reality of Moses’s life.

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