One Last Chance!

So, we get home from vacation. We spent nearly the whole month away and my time is suddenly screwed up. I was sitting around one day and suddenly it just dawns on me, “My stars! November’s a week away and NaNoWriMo’s going to start!”

But it wasn’t the fact that I would be writing like mad in just about week that concerned me. I’m used to writing fast and heavy, for pure enjoyment. What made me nervous is that I DON’T want this blog to become dead! It’s the last thing I want to happen! Especially since I was able to keep it very alive while we were gone on vacation!

The catch is that I might not have much time to do many blog posts ONCE IN NOVEMBER. Which is why this week is going to full of blog post draft writing.

Which is were you guys come in. Several months ago I had a post asking my readers to leave questions, any questions at all, and I would turn those questions into a post with my answers. I have most of those completed, but they won’t make up enough to keep up this place for a whole month.


If you have any more questions or specific requests, NOW is the time to leave them here at THIS post. I’ll work on them this week and than publish them all through next month. Any questions are appreciated (of course, just to have it laid out, super personal questions probably won’t count, depending on what they are).

Thanks to you all, I value all your comments and support greatly! Be assured blogging will continue as normal after November! I have some fun winter/Christmas posts in mind!



9 thoughts on “One Last Chance!

  1. I don’t have any more questions but I just had to say that your new favicon is AWESOME.

    Oh wait, I *do* have a question-

    What is your favorite Her Universe shirt (you do not have to own it)?

    1. Thank you, I like it too! 😀 I think it’s a keeper!

      Oooh, that will make a good post: Star Wars Clothes! What could make a girl more happier? Thank you very much!


      1. Oh gosh, YES!! You should totally do a post like that. I would die with pure happiness. LOL!! Just kidding….maybe I would faint.

      2. LOL, yes, I’m totally doing that! I’ll faint myself….maybe at the bottom I’ll list where they all can be found and how much they cost! I’ll make it Fanfirls Wardrobe Dream post. EEK! Now I’m getting myself all pumped up! ….. *Shrieks and pulls at hair* Ahhh, we’re geniuses! Okay, now I’m acting like I’m on steroids. I should calm down! *breaths in and out loudly*


  2. What are some of your favorite board games to play?
    What is your favorite season?
    What is your favorite kind of music? i.e. pop, rock, classic, country…..
    What are some of your favorite bible stories?
    What are some of your favorite flowers?
    What are some of your favorite books?
    What are some of your favorite T. V. Shows?
    What is your favroite kind of movie? i.e. drama, action, science-fic, fantasy…..
    What are some of your favorite kinds of foods?
    Do you like to cook? If so, what things do you like to cook?
    What is yo9ur favorite Fast-foods restaruent?
    What kids movie will forever remain on your list of favortie movies?

    I know that isn’t tons but that’s all I can think of right now. 🙂
    Love Vellvin.

  3. I am terrible at think of questions but you most likely can’t make a post about it but what is NaNoWriMo?

    May be you can write movie reviews in advance.

    Or may be your top 25 or top how ever many moives you can think in order like I am working on.

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