Films Fit For a Sunday

I have extra time on my hands, so I was thinking: “It’s movie month. And today is Sunday.”

And than I had a brilliant idea. Biblical films! Today, I’d do some of my favorite films that are set in Biblical times! It is genius!

First off, my very favorite Biblical film; Ben-Hur.

To story Judah Ben-Hur and his mother and sister are among of the greatest stories for all time. The book is amazing, and the film won eleven awards totally, unmatched until Titanic.

Ben-Hur, Jewish nobleman, is betrayed his boyfriend, Masala, a Roman leader. Sent to the galleys as punishment for a crime he didn’t commit, he rescues the life of a Roman general and is adopted as his son. He however goes back to Isreal to search for his Mother and sister Tirzah who were imprisoned. and to give vengance on Masala. There, he encounters Christ and His message of “forgive thine enemies”.

The film is over three hours long. It’s full of amazing costumes, amazing sets, amazing music, amazing actors and an amazing plot! My favorite part is totally the chariot race. It gets me everytime!

I ADORE this picture; I think it’s the most hilarious thing that Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd (Judah and Masala) would ride their motorcycles together around the arena!

Ben-Hur is easily a ‘must-watch’ for everyone, not only for simple how stunning it is but also the message it presents to us all to forgive our enemies.

And now for my second film. A lot of people think the acting is terrible, and some many complain that it is so different from the biblical account. While I have my own answer for that, this is my favorite romance film (and I haven’t seen many romance films, actually). But this is my favorite.

When our neighbor lent us this movie, I was totally in awe. Gah, it was one of the eye pleasing films I’d seen in a long time. The COSTUMES are GORGEGOUS and the sets are AMAZING. The music is absolutely fantastic. There is some room for improvement for several actors… but I was so busy staring at the clothes and sets that it didn’t bother me much at all.

I understand everyone’s cries of foul play because of the story is so different the account of Esther. I, however, don’t have so much of a probablem because they’re not claiming it all to be scripture (if they were, that would be bad). Also, this version of Esther is based AFTER A BOOK. So, it’s not like some filmmakers decided to revamp the story of Esther. They were making the film version of ‘Hadassah’. So, the question here is really, “does it stay loyal to the book?”

This film, although beautifully done, is rated PG for some violence and sensuality. It’s certianly not for younger children, but should be fine for older teens. I greatly enjoyed this film, and it’s one of my favorite biblical films. (Jedi-Chick, you ADORE this one!)

*sighs deeply* I want to watch that movie again. Well, there we go! Two biblical times movies for this lovely Sunday! Audios, my friends!



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