Revenge of the Sith: Star Wars Film Review




I know several of you have been waiting on this one! I hope this post holds up to your expectations. 🙂

I’ll say it point blank. Revenge of the Sith is my very favorite Prequel. And I have several reasons numbered out below. 🙂

One: everything falls together—finally! 😀 I was growing impatient through AOTC because I wanted to move on past the fireworks and see how everything clicked together. I wanted see how Anakin became Darth Vadar, I wanted to see Palpatine take power, I wanted to see Luke and Leia’s birth, I wanted to see what else happened to Obi-Wan. I really wanted to see how Lucas decided to have it all connect. I was actually very pleased with nearly all of this film, more than I expected.

Two: I was more comfortable with Anakin in this film because he acted more mature, and his struggles were more clear and less selfish. In ATOC, he wanted to prove himself as the greatest Jedi. In ROTS, while he still wanted personal gratifaction, what he did was more for someone he loved than for himself. As we know, he would have loved to kill Palpatine when he learned about him being a traitor but joined him in hopes of learning powers to save Padme.  So I liked Anakin better in this one (and his longer hair was a large improvement as far as looks!)

Three: The plot felt stronger and more clear than AOTC. AOTC seemed to be a bunch of stories blended together: Obi-Wan tracking down the bounty hunter, Anakin wanted more power, Anakin and Padme’s romance, Anakin trying to find his mother, and than suddenly, the Clone Wars starts! It was all cool but it didn’t connect very smoothly for me. In ROTS, it was all focused on Anakin’s fall into the Dark Side, the Republic’s fall and consequences from it. Much better flow, less craziness and better connection.

Four: It’s of my opinion that acting improved! Hayden Christensen set himself in my favorite actors list after I watched ROTS. He did an AWESOME job showing Anakin’s emotions and struggles in this film; and in the environment which he did it—surrounded by blue and green screens, not much what-so-ever to react to—is amazing! Ewan McGregor, of course, remains a huge favorite in his role as Obi-Wan.

Five: CHARACTERS. The characters felt a little deeper in this one, especially Anakin.

General Grievous was an interesting character, especially since he was a cyborg.Mom asked at the beginning, “Why is the machine coughing?” So it was very satisfying discovering he had a living heart and brain! Very crazy.

For some reason I had an admiration for Palpatine, even though he is a bad guy. What makes a successful villain is when they know how to manipulate and use other’s fears and hopes to their advantage. As a bad guy, he did an amazing yet scary job at winning Anakin over. That gentle smile he gives, *shudders* it was just creepy and yet cool at the same time how slippery he was. It was also nice seeing the man behind the hood from the Originals and how he worked before he became the Emperor.

I still can’t say I felt that much for Padme, except when she was giving birth. I felt heartbroken for her then. But in some ways, she let me down. I understand how she needed to die so that the twins could be split up like they were in the Originals, but I would have appreciated her better if she’d died fighting to survive instead of just giving up. I thought it was sad that her life had been so wrapped in up in a man that when she lost him, she just lost the will to live. I was upset that she hadn’t fought to live for the two children of the man whom she loved. It seemed uncharacteristic of the strong young lady of AOTC to just to up and die of a broken heart. I thought she would have had more in her than that. I understand it would have been a terrible, terrible, terrible blow. But I think it would have given her more credit if she’d died fighting for the twins.

Of all the characters, you can guess who I hurt the most for. Poor Obi-Wan, he lost so much so quickly.  Losing his Republic to war, losing his brother to the dark side, losing Padme who had done so much for the Repubic, losing the Jedi Order in over an instant. I love, however, how he didn’t lose heart even when he went into hiding. He became Luke Skywalker’s teacher and friend. And we all know what Luke did later on!

Onto some little things that I would like to point out. I REALLY appreciated Anakin’s stand on children. In this day and age, children are seen as burdens and are not wanted by young couples. It was refreshing to see a young man like Anakin find children to be a blessing. Very touching and I think it even shows George Lucas’s thoughts on children. 🙂

The creature Obi-Wan rode at the one part of the story was AWESOME! I need to look up the name of it because it is totally my favorite SW creature now! I’d love to ride one of those!

The quick glimpse we got of Anakin’s metal arm when he sat up in bed was cool! It looked so real!

The show Palpatine was watching while telling Anakin about the dark side puzzles me to no end. What on earth was that? It looks creepy!

The fight on Mustafar was EPIC. It’s one of my three favorite lightsaber fights.

One thing I was disappointed in was the lack of the Threepio and Artoo action. I know Artoo had some action at the beginning, but Threepio barely did anything, and the two of them certainly seemed to fall to the wayside as the film progressed. So, I do wish I could have seen them more through this film. It is just a petty wish of mine, and they not being big characters certainly didn’t ruin the film or anything. 😛

To me, Revenge of the Sith is the strongest Prequel, both in characters and plot. No wonder it’s my favorite. 😀

So, what about you? Love it or hate it? Why? Share your thoughts! I love long comments.


7 thoughts on “Revenge of the Sith: Star Wars Film Review

  1. Ok, first off, GREAT review!! I love all of the pictures and video clips.

    Secondly, I must go on a short crazy rant about ROTS-

    GAHHH!! This movie and ESB are my favorite Star Wars films. ROTS wraps up the best part of the saga, Darth Vader’s transformation. The action is epic (the end duel is SICK….in a really good way). However, the movie is very sad. I don’t cry like a baby but I do tear up when Anakin and Obi-Wan are on Mustafar with the whole “You were my brother” scene. The music is also great- it creates so many conflicting emotions, especially during Order 66. And the best part, Anakin is very (very) good looking in ROTS. Sorry but I just had to say that. 😛 Like you said, his metal arm was very cool.

    The only part that I disliked was Padme. I don’t think that Natalie Portman was capable of good acting in this movie, she just didn’t “click” with Hayden. I did like Padme’s outfits though.

    Again, AMAZING review!!

  2. Great review! Ep. III is munch better the other prequells. I agree Hayden Christensen was much much better than he was in the other movies. I liked the awesome battle at the end and the darker tone. And the Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader was done perfectly.

  3. I LOVE the start of this movie and I like Anakin’s looks a lot better instead of his padawan braid. I love Anankin and Padme and I always find it tragic how Anakin became a bad guy just makes me really sad!!! 😦 I hate it how Padme dies!!! But I love it how she says “I know there’s still good in him.” 🙂 I hate it how Obi-Wan lost his brother, his best friend and the Republic. Plus, seeing Padme die of a broken heart must of been really sad as well!! LOVE how Anakin’s clothing changed and the chompanionship of Anakin and Him.
    Gotta love that quote “Someone needs to be the poster boy.” And yes, Anakin is more mature and respectful which is good but I hate it how he says “I hate you!” To Obi-Wan. 😦 Very sad!
    Yeah but this movie is still cool and once again can’t help but say “TOTALLY LOVE ANAKIN!!!” 😀 And Padme 🙂 and Obi-Wan and Yoda!!!!
    Obssessed yeah. 🙂
    Love Vellvin.

    1. *giggles* You make me laugh! 😀

      It is a sad movie!! I feel so sorry for Obi-Wan! Glad to hear your thoughts about them!

      Your love of Anakn makes me grin! XD

      Love your long comments! 🙂


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